Anakena Chile Carmenere: Wine with a Wild Side

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to try any new wines, I have been searching my normal haunts (Trader Joe’s, Costco, and the Wal-Mart) and have been striking out in finding anything interesting that fits into my Middle-Class wine parameters (under ten bucks a bottle). Then, while on his own perfect brew mission, the Hubs returned from the Total Wine with something different, a Chilean Carmenere, and viola a new bottle to taste and share my thoughts on was found. ...more

Wineducation: The Miracle Machine

Over the weekend I read an interesting article in the Los Angeles Times about the future of wine and it's being called: The Miracle Machine. The proposed Miracle Machine is the blessed counter top product that would give the everyday wine lover the ability to turn water (and a few prepackaged ingredients) into wine.   ...more

Wineducation: Girl Scout Cookies and Wine

If you are the one bringing home the literal bread in your household then you have seen them, the bright eyed, loom band wearing, merit badge earning Girl Scouts and Brownies outside your supermarket doors selling those cookies.  Those cookies, the ones that can’t help but bring back my memories of selling those rectangular boxes while wearing knee high socks and a brown smock, offering my best seven year old sales pitch to unsuspecting supermarket customers, and as you know those cookies are hard to pass up.   ...more

Blue Fin California Petite Sirah: Not Petite in Flavor

After two weeks of suffering through the bug that refused to leave my system, causing a lack of those all important senses of taste and smell, I am finally back to sipping and sharing my wine loving opinion. ...more

Wineducation: Don't Just Drink Your Wine

This past week’s wine drinking was interrupted by a very vile virus that attacked our home and took my boy and I out for most of the week. The inability to taste or smell anything for days on end kept me from uncorking and giving a new budget friendly bottle of wine a try in order to offer you a review. While wine-less and laid up under a pile of blankets and pillows, I was able to spend plenty of time perusing the web and reading blogs, which is where I stumbled upon the ingenuity of wine drinkers who have whipped up new and novel ways to ingest my beloved wine. ...more

Wineducation: Valentine's Wine Picks

There is many a besotted couple that only wine on Valentines Day because of the pressure to make this day special. The rest of the three hundred and sixty-four days of the year they rely upon other sorts of spirits to provide that warm and fuzzy buzz, so when this holiday focused on Love rolls around every February, these once a year wine drinkers are left staring aimlessly at the wine aisle with no clue what wine to pair with their impending evening of amore. ...more

Buffalo Grove Merlot: A Six Dollar Beauty?

I used to consider myself a Cabernet Sauvignon type of girl. I loved the rich red hues, bold flavors, and the security of what to expect when ordering a glass of wine when out at a restaurant, but recently my taste have changed.  Now I would say that I gravitate more towards Merlot and Pinot Noirs (which is unfortunate because of the Pinot's more expensive price tag), but I find these two reds range of taste more broad, and usually more enjoyable as well. ...more

Day 3: Haircut at the Hamers'

Jason asked this morning if he should take the boys to get their hair cut, because he would like to get his done. That was my hint ;)  One way that I like to try and save money is giving haircuts to the boys at home. At $10-12 (plus gratuity!) a pop times 4 guys (3 boys and Dad), it adds up quick every 2-3 weeks.  I refuse to do Jason's because I'm always worried I will mess up the back hairline, so he still goes to the barber/salon....more

Gardening is a long term REWARD, but I am an INSTANT gratification kind of gal.

Gardening is hard work......we have two raised garden beds not huge. Since my wrist surgery I am really not able to do much rototilling did some but wrist can't quite take it yet, so it is a family thing thank God for my loving husband. My youngest did most of the placing of the seeds and did the covering. It took several hours today to get the garden tilled and planted. It will take several months to reap the rewards of the garden, but what a good feeling it will be to have carrots, onions, tomatoes, corn, and peppers to get us through the winter....more

Green Halloween: Throwing A Fabulously Green Monster Bash

Just because you can claim you are possessed by demons on this time of year, it’s no excuse to ignore your carbon footprint or your health.  There are so many ways to green your Halloween, keep fit and save money.  Here are just tips that will keep you from the frightening realities of an un-green Halloween!: ...more