Cheap fashion thrills for Fall, 2009

September is back-to-school time for my kids, but now that the weather has really changed, it's back to school time for me. Unfortunately, I don't really need new clothes. After all, unlike my kids, I haven't grown a couple of inches since last fall. But I badly need to pep up my wardrobe. I went on the hunt for some new, not-too-expensive, very 2009 accessories. The following fit the bill because they combine two or more current trends, and they're inexpensive--a lot of fashion bang for the buck....more

I actually think it's a fairly reasonable price. They will look GREAT with bootcut ...more

Life As We Blog It

Hey there!Are you struggling to get through life as you know it?  Have you found yourself living a life you don't remember signing up for?  Are there times you want to bash your head against the wall because the only thing in your life that's increasing is your stress and anxiety?Well, that's exactly how we feel sometimes but we're determined to take back control of our lives by reducing our stress through self discovery and good decision making....more

Hey everyone,

Please forgive me as I attempt to make sense of the this site and all of ...more

Spa Days: Expert Tips on Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Eau Spa. ...more

Small Business Tip: Green Idea Could Win Technology for Your Business

Going green can save more than the environment; it can make represent a big money savings in a small business budget.  Green business efforts can also make a make a big difference for existing customers, potential clients and business partners looking to support sustainable business practices. A small business contest is underway looking for the best tip for going green in small business. Small Business Trends is looking to uncover the “Top 100 Tips for Going Green in Your Business.” ...more

Start Saving Strategies to Secure Your Finances

My first five years in New York, I led a good single life. Working as a technology and business consultant, I earned a nice salary which allowed me to enjoy nice dinners with friends, spend frivolously and not think twice about large purchases.  ...more

New Beginnings.......

Fresh start to a new month.....and the best part is that my food budget is "full" again!! I love it! Every month I shop at Costco, Whole Foods & Publix. As the month is winding down & ending...I sometimes start to run out of staples in my pantry. ...more

Back To School On A Budget

  by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore   ...more

Back to School on a Budget

   Didn’t school just let out? ...more

How the Economic Downturn is Changing Customer Service & Small Business

I'm working on my personal budget by tracking where my cash goes every day.  It is a process most small business owners are very familiar with.  More consumers are watching every dollar closely these days and this financial awareness may not change when the economy improves. As entrepreneurs, small business owners and the self-employed work and wait for an economic turnaround; one expert advises they may need to consider the business landscape is forever changed. ...more