5 (MORE) Tips for Eating on a Budget

A few months ago, I posted my 5 Tips for Eating on a Budget. For the sake of time, I cut it short. There are really so many different things you can do to stay within a strict grocery budget. These tips (and the ones I just linked to) are just a few of the things I do to stick to my own budget…I even frequently come under it!...more

8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make it Through the Holidays

With autumn here and winter fast approaching, we move into the festive "holiday season"! For some though, this time of year is also wallet-draining, stress-inducing and all-around nerve-wracking! ...more

My Budget: November 2014 Edition

I think it is time to introduce you to my budget. It is one of the sharpest tools in my personal finance arsenal and it is the main reason that I started this blog. Here stands a woman that is completely wedded to her budget and yes we are happily married. As I have mentioned a few time before, I use YNAB to do my budgeting but this doesn't stop me from using the old school method of pencil and paper at times when I need to get a new perspective on where I am headed....more

10 Ways Non-Profits Can Save On Expenses

Any organization must work to keep expenses at a minimum in order to remain viable. This is especially true of non-profit organizations.While for-profit organizations mainly focus on increasing the bottom line, non profits must focus on the bottom line and using net gains to reinvest in servicing their mission. There are many areas where non-profits can look at their budget, work on the strategic plan and find ways to save on expenses....more

I'm Frugal When it Comes To.....

I’m Frugal When it Comes To……{Image from Green Mom}...more

9 Easy Swaps to Help with Frugal Budgeting

[Editor's Note: This great list of suggestions spans clothes to food to utilities.]Budgeting and saving doesn't have to mean sacrificing. It might just mean making small changes or tweaks in what you've been accustomed to. Swapping should be easy and painless, it just takes creativity and preparation!...more
Great tips! I'm always looking for ways to save, I'm the sort of person who will drive to find ...more

Year-round Christmas Shopping

So, we recently got through the Christmas in July sales, and I believe I even saw some summer “Black Friday” marketing attempts by a retailer that rhymes with Farget.  Is this crazy?  Yes…and no.  Although I am not alone in being someone who shops for Christmas gifts all year long, I know that folks who join me in this madness are few and far between.  Most of the time, I get comments like “You’re crazy” when I tell people about my early Christmas shopping habit.  However, if you’ve read my blog about grocery shopping and dinner lists, you can probably understand a ...more

A man called Murphy

  What would happen if I lost my job? Oregon is an at will state, which means I could be fired at any time, for any reason. My employer is private, & not subject to any unions. There were three previous temps in my position, though I've outlasted  & outperformed each of them. My last performance review was a bit rocky in some areas, but things have smoothed out lately....more

Budgeting for Back to School: Tips to Save Money on Everything from Backpacks to Pencils

Yay, back to school time! Sure, new stuff might soften the landing a bit for kids who are reluctant and cranky about starting the new school year. But what if you don't need anything to buy anything new this year? What if the school stuff they were just using back in June is still fine and acceptable for September? ...more
reillysmom16 My son went to private school for three years as well and agreed, if you are able ...more

5 Tips for Having an Awesome 4th of July Party on a Budget

We’ve been talking about having our friends over for an outdoor party pretty much ever since we moved into our house a couple years ago. We even added our fire pit with the hopes that we could have some fun ‘couples nights’ sitting around a bonfire with marshmallows and wine....more
sandraleegarth Thanks so much! I also love Pinterest, but if I waited until my house looked ...more