Meal Plan Week 3

Happy weekend, folks!  This week's meal plan is brought to you by the great meat sale at Safeway this week.  While I don't have any soups this week, I have primarily casseroles, so I'm still not using a lot of meat.  I'm also trying to utilize products already in my pantry, so that I can stock up on a bit of the meat that's on sale.  I'm running low on some kinds of meat in my freezer-which is actually normal for this time of the year.  We'll start seeing pork going on sale soon, and turkeys......more

Adding My Teen Driver To My Car Insurance

I was not prepared to hear the news I received the day I called my car insurance company to add my 18-year old to my policy. The customer service rep, politely told me that my policy would increase from $1200 to $2700 for six months! As you can imagine, I nearly passed out! After speaking with a few people about my situation, they all suggested that it was probably because they added him as a driver of my car: a 2005 Nissan Maxima and not the car I recently got for him: a 1994 Honda Civic. So, I called them back to see if that was the case. The insurance company gave me a quote with my son as a driver of the Honda versus my Maxima and told me it would drop from $2700 to $2087. For my budget, that’s still too high....more

WIAW Trying To Stick To My Budget

Hey y'all! Happy Hump Day!How has your week been so far? Mine has been pretty awesome! I got some REALLY exciting news last night and am pumped to share it with y'all ... but I'm going to make y'all wait a bit ;).So since it's Wednesday and all, that means it's time for Jen's .......more

Have You Ever Made a Bad Purchase That You Regret Making?

Everybody has made bad purchases before that they regret making. ...more
@midnightbliss That is very smart. It's easy to convince ourselves of anything we want to ...more

Doin' My Homework

Today is definately "hump day", Wednesday. The kiddos are at school, I'm taking care of my infant niece, who is still sleeping most of the day and I find myself a little bored. I just watched an awesome doc on Netflix called "Ingredients", completely relevant to yesterdays rant in regards to shopping, or not, at Walmart, a must see by the way ;) I feel this sense of urgency, the need to get back to simplicity. ...more

The shop, or not, at Walmart.

January 1st, 2011...New Years resolution; I am no longer going to shop at Walmart!September 20th, 2011..." I hate this store, why am I shopping here?" as I am turned away from the 20 items or less register, at Walmart, because she "just turned off her light". Mind you, I have in my hands ONE box of pasta for tonights dinner....more
I know, organic cereal is exactly 1/2 the price at Walmart. What I've been trying to do is cut ...more

We're On A Budget. Should Our Kids Be, Too?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My husband and I have no choice but to tighten our financial belts right now. We’re cutting back on a lot of our normal activities and expenses in order to stay afloat.As part of our new financial plan, I think it’s become necessary to reduce our pre-teen sons’ allowance from $10 a week to $7. However, my husband doesn't agree and thinks that by doing so we’re “punishing” them. What do you say?Signed,On a Budget ...more

Leadership and Marketing

As a leader, main man, top dog or any other pet name you can think of for yourself when referring to your role as decision maker, there will be times you will be faced with when to refocus, redefine or repurpose the financial resources of your organization depending on the challenges you may be facing. Change is all around you, and keeping a steady course during those times is a challenge all in itself....more

Why I Love Where I Live Part I

When Being a Foodie is NOT Cool

The latest thing seems to be being a foodie.  Eating food that we had never even heard of as children.  Taking pleasure in the best restaurants and the finest wines.  As the world has grown smaller, our choices have grown larger.  And that is a good thing.But as the foodie fad has grown, I've also noticed a backlash building.  One where people are verbally attacked for where they ate dinner or what their menu consisted of that night.  And that is decidedly NOT cool!...more
I've loved food since I was a young girl. gourmet and fast food and everything in between. I ...more