Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs are a good, low fat substitute for a famous Buffalo Chicken Wings which are tasty but very greasy, too. They can be fried, deep fried, grilled or baked and then tossed with a spicy hot sauce. For a healthy, low calorie meal I would suggest baking them. You can make Buffalo style meatballs ahead of time and bake (or fry) when you need them, as they are best served hot. They can be served as a party appetizer, side dish, skinny dinner or together with pasta as a complete meal. You can even make a sandwich with mini Buffalo Chicken Meatballs....more

Do You Remember the Tree By the River?

Excerpt from my latest blog post...a trip to Buffalo to see Iron & Wine LIVE in concert, with The Low Anthem!.......Emily’s Top 3 Favorite Musical Artists [in no order]:- Iron & Wine- Bon Iver- Sufjan Stevens...more

For the Mindful Omnivore: A Conversation With The American Grassfed Association

If you consider yourself a mindful omnivore, be aware of the American Grassfed Association (AGA). Based in Colorado, the AGA works with ranchers and livestock farmers across the country to promote a more back-to-basics livestock industry by building "a bridge from the farm to the table." I scored some face time with Carrie Balkcom, executive director of AGA, at her office in Denver. She keeps a demanding schedule: "I have been running like crazy, I apologize. My husband says when people call, “Her address? Seat 2A, United.” ...more

Thanks for the word on Lindner. That is definitely in my geographic reach. I think we're going ...more

an IKEA in the city of Buffalo, NY

I was down at the Buffalo marina last Wednesday, and noticed the development that's finally being built on the waterfront. I read the solution for May 2011. If you read the Buffalo News you've seen the columns about the waterfront.While down there I looked at my mom and in unison we said, "this place needs an IKEA." ...more