6 Things You Must Consider Before Renovating Your Building

If you choose to renovate a building, then you must do it right. If you succeed in renovating a building, it will appear better than it was. However, if you do a bad job, you will regret your decision to renovate your building. It is, therefore, of great importance to have everything done in the right way for you to be happy at the end of your building’s renovation....more

Green Zone Surveys and its great services.

Have you heard about Building Compliance Consultancy? That's exactly what the company Green Zone Surveys do, and it's actually really important nowadays.  ...more

How Much Coop and Run Space Do I Need?

Quick answer: Coop:4 square feet (sq ft) of floor space per Large Fowl (LF) chicken3 square feet of floor space per Bantam chicken1 square foot of ventilation per 10 sq ft of floor spacePerch Space:12 inches of perch space per LF chicken9 inches of perch space per Bantam chickenPerch Type:...more

A Reinvented Tool Shed

In the summer of 2010, Jamie rode her bike more than 4500 miles from Virginia Beach to Portland, Oregon (and yes, I'm trying to convince her to write that story). When she got back to Vermont after her bike trip and a jaunt to Scotland with her Uncle and Grandmother, she turned her attention to creating a sustainable home as cheaply as possible with the added twist of ensuring she could easily close it all up and go on continued adventures around the globe....more

After all these years, What have we learned?

Although the last 12 months have been some of the toughest months of my life, and full of trials I hope to never repeat, I must admit to learning a few things about life, people & myself. There were good and bad times. I had some really painful moments and moments of pure joy. Most of my life has been a roller coaster of emotions and experiences that I have tried to learn from. So, after 40 years, what do I know for sure? What can I take away from every moment good or bad, and turn into a strength? ...more

Wishing I Was Upstairs...

And not because I like two-story homes. I actually told my husband many years ago that I NEVER wanted to live in a multi-story dwelling. They don't appeal to me. The extra space. The loftiness. The stacking of life. I'm not a 'bird' person. I like roots. Ground. Stability. Well, relatively speaking. ...more

What happens when you dream...

It started about 27 years ago with a new baby and an addition.  Who would have thought.  The addition went up, the baby was born and a designer kitchen was being built. Fast forward to July 2010.  David is off to CA to live with Dad while he attends college and I want to give what was his room a facelift.  I bought a Porter Cable finishing sander and started sanding the floor.  The last coat of poly was applied in August just before we left for vacation.  Literarily!  ...more

Mama's 'Last week in review' - Letter of the week - H

This past week we concentrated on the letter H as well as Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. It was a pretty fun week to say the least! We are still having computer issues with our main computer (which houses our photos) but I will try to add photos of this when it's working again, because I think I got some cute pics this week!...more

Fridays Favorite - Progress

Fridays Favorite for today you ask?? Progress, that is what is my favorite thing for the day. Most importantly progress on our next home. Drawings are off to the engineers and the lot has been cleared for the driveway and house location. Come a take a little tour with me......more

Seashore Learning

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. (Yes, pictures like this one and that one are from that bee-u-ti-ful city.) But, in addition to my dear and loving family and friends there, it’s the ocean that holds my heart. San Diego’s ocean simply beckons one to interact. And not just on the seashore, but in the water.  ...more