Social Media Feels Like Playing a Game of Twister

I don't like playing games when I don't know the rules, but the game I've been playing on social media for nearly five years has an invisible leader and rules that change every five minutes. I am climbing an invisible ladder. My panties are in a twist, and I have no idea how to remove the wedgie. There is just no way to keep up, and I am spinning my wheels. I could choose to not play, but that is not an option. I started the game without knowing it even existed, so I refuse to let it get the best of me. But it has, and I don't know what to do about it. ...more
Thanks for your input and tips!  I will get the hang of it one of these days...and then the ...more

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

When a new small business owner decides to launch an online business, one of their first thoughts is, "should I start a blog for my business?". As a social media marketing consultant, this is a topic that I address often and my recommendation is always YES....more