Six Steps to Starting a Social Media Business

In college (twenty years ago) I took a course called "Better Business Practices," where having a plan was lesson number one.At the time of this course, however, I had my eyes on New York (a different plan) and didn't pay enough attention to the good advice of Mr. Knowledgable Teacher.These days, floating in between two worlds; the married stay-at-home-mom world and the your-own-your-own-babe world; I realized I'd better get serious about what it is I'm choosing to do with my time....more

Find Your Rhythm

Being self-employed is a distance run, not a sprint.  It doesn’t “end”.  Therefore the habits you put into place at the start of your business need to be sustainable.  Some might say achieving balance is impossible, and they are right. But, not in the way you think they are… I believe balance is an elusive and unattainable goal.  More stress is created in people today because of their quest to achieve balance than in simply creating a rhythm to life that works for you regardless of whether that meets some nebulous balance criteria. ...more
Would be interested to have an update on your quest for finding your rhythm and invite you to ...more

Must Read Books When Starting a Business (Or Thinking About It)

I often get recommend a few books to someone who is just starting out in their business or is sitting in the office at working seriously thinking about going out on their own. While I have read all of these myself some I wish I would have read earlier in my journey. Many are worth revisiting at various points during your journey as a business owner. Now What?® 90 Days to a New Life Direction by Laura Berman Fortgang ...more
Great article and recommendations. I would love to add Peter Church's book The Added Value - the ...more

Positive Attitude - It May Not Be the Key to Career Success You Think it Is

I recently received a question on LinkedIn from one of my connections who is a trainer and job search specialist. She was looking for stories about how keeping a positive attitude is crucial to success in one's job hunt during these times. In my reply, while I acknowledged that a positive attitude is important, it'll only get you so far. There is something far more important to succeeding whether it is the job hunt or building your business. ...more

Hi Paula

My name is Kymmy and I write about self help and personal development ...more

Is It Tougher to Build a Business as a Woman?

I am lucky to have had and still have a very healthy and successful career as a woman in the marketing arena. I have worked internationally - including starting in the UK my homeland - and for many fascinating companies. I believe that one of the things that has kept me in the game is a very strong spirit and a disinclination to think of myself as a woman in business. However, now that I am in the throws of getting a new marketing to women company off the ground - - I have to ask myself whether it would be easier if I were a guy. ...more