Using Social Media To Create Community

Using Social Media To Create CommunityIf you are a blogger like me, you spend a large portion of your day in front of your computer screen....more


Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine upset the “Soup Nazi,” who exclaimed to her, “NO SOUP for YOU”! Some of you will know what I’m talking about. Last month I was at a west coast bakery and returned a Danish (untouched!) to the waiter pleading, “This cherry Strudel doesn’t appear to have any cherries in it.” Gasp! Two days later they remembered me and one waiter jokingly said, “NO STRUDEL for YOU!”...more

Once Upon A Blog: A Writing Fairy Tale

There once was a girl. She lived in Real Life where she felt very alone, misunderstood by everyone. One day the girl started a blog, a portal of words that transported a part of herself elsewhere, to a land of acceptance. Many months passed and the girl poured her heart into post after post until finally people started reading. Eventually her special place became a means of escape to the Land of Blog, a community of like-minded women who supported one another in good times and in bad. She spend a lot of time in the Land of Blog, she loved it there, but she began wondering if it could offer something more. ...more
I can't believe I didn't read this until now. Great post, valid good questions. Although like ...more

Life After "Yes We Can"

It’s another cold winter day in Manhattan, and I find myself writing my first official blog post ever to share with the masses. It’s a little intimidating, I must admit, to have my words and personal thoughts written down for the whole world to see. What will people think? What if they misinterpret what I’m trying to say? Will anybody care or even read this thing? ...more