Looking Toward the Workforce of the Future

While many of us were in getaway mode this past Labor Day weekend and enjoying some much needed downtime with family and friends, we would do well now to think about the workforce of the future. This country’s most valuable asset is the next generation of leaders and workers equipped with the skills and knowledge to keep America competitive; they’re at risk of forfeiting lucrative jobs unless we make huge investments in education. ...more

Marriage: Wasted on the Young?

Everyone loves a wedding, but does everyone love every bride? Although women from all walks of life and at any age get married, the stage is set for the young. How does an older bride get her day to be special when bridal web sites pander to the young and foolish, rather than those who have the wisdom to begin anew later in life?...more
Although Ms. Martha and I have had our differences in the past, I wholeheartedly agree with her ...more