The Truth Behind Teen Dating Violence

 My interview with a victim of teen dating violence....more

Does Fashionable Equal Confident?

As someone who is actually very strong and confident in so many ways, I feel awkward thinking and feeling this, let alone writing it for everyone to see.I often wonder how people develop their sense of fashion.I really have no sense of fashion. Mine is more like, sensibility. If it fits and is comfortable, I wear it. I am very bitchy if I’m uncomfortable. Who isn't, right?...more
I know I am a tad late to the party here, but I just stumbled upon this post from one of your ...more

Faking It

Faking It I had a conversation with a young man last week who talked about elevating his life.  It's not an easy thing to do when obstacles stand in your way including your past, family, education, lack of money and bad choices.I've been there before,  when I moved to Toronto I was a single mother on welfare.  My family was not always supportive and at times they reminded me of my failures and limitations....more
Hi Gail - you sent a message to us via the contact form but your email is bouncing so I can't ...more

Recapturing the self-love you were born with.

Kam and I had a discussion by text last night that really got me thinking about things I want my husband and me to tell our daughter when she comes along and is old enough to understand. Well, actually, it's something I think about all the time, but it prompted a good discussion with my husband....more

Blowing Past the Dead End Signs of Life...

                                  "Discoveries are often made by...going off the main road, by trying  the untried." -Frank Tyger Yesterday found us with fists full of lava rock, faces grazing a rock wall with a stomach lurching drop off only inches away.  This was in no way part of our plans for the day and of all things it started with a dead end sign.  Now normally we would never recommend that anyone, ever, under any circumstance ignore a road sign.  That bit of disclosure done, we’ll acknowledge that dead end signs are really more of a great bit of information; a warning to save a driver potential time and hassle.  Dead end signs usually look alike, but they can truly be a “treasure located here” sign; hidden in plain sight.  Let me explain…...more

Thoughts on Being A "Pretty Fat Girl"

Now, this isn’t the first time that this has happened to me. The “but you’ve got such a pretty face” write-off. As if my face discounts the size of my body, or my life-long struggle with weight. As if we are existing in some sort of hierarchy of fatness, where pretty faces sit at the top and everyone else has more of a right to hate their bodies than, let's say, I do. ...more
sooooooo true.  There feels like there is a perceived beauty hierarchy on many levels. I lost a ...more

My Name is Lindsay and I'm a Love Addict

I believe we all have vices –an action, a person, a continuing experience, or something we consume that we literally are addicted to. For some –it’s physically harmful to their well-being, like drugs or alcohol....more


I used to write a blog like this. Got in trouble for it, ...more

The Key Ingredients to Developing Impeccable Self-Confidence

Developing impeccable self-confidence is a process; there are no quick answers or short cuts to developing TRUE self-confidence.  I say this because it really bothers me when I come across sites that recommend things like: smiling more, making eye contact, working out and never leaving the house without looking your best, as means to building your self-confidence.  Doing all of those things is really good for your self-esteem and your self-worth but they are not true confidence builder....more

I'm glad you enjoyed the post! It's great to hear you took a big step towards "putting yourself ...more