Hearty Turkish Bride Soup

I tried out a new soup recipe, Turkish bride soup, from Annabel Langbein’s book: Simple Pleasure: the Free Range Cook. This soup was hearty from the lentils and bulgur, but tasted fresh from the fresh mint and lemon garnish. While it had a good flavor, I don’t think I’d make this particular recipe again, as I personally prefer creamier soups. ...more

Big (Almost) Fat-Free Greek Bulgur Salad

Why hello. Do you ever have one of those weeks where you’re never quite sure what day it is? For example, every day this week I have thought it was actually the next day. I was positive it was Wednesday on Tuesday. I did my Thursday gym routine on Wednesday (yes, I have different activities for each day of the week, don’t judge!), and worst of all…I got to work today thinking it was Friday. There aren’t many things worse than thinking, believing, feeling, that it’s Friday and then coming to the harsh realization that it is in fact, not.   ...more
Thanks for the recipe! I just imported it to my @mealspring account and put it on the menu for ...more


Hey there!...more

Bulgur, Red Quinoa, and Black Beans

I’ve been trying to introduce more whole grains into our diet and quinoa is one of the ones I have had the hardest time working into the menu. I haven’t been a huge fan of quinoa in the past because I simply didn’t like the texture of it.  This evening though, I managed to create a dish that was delicious and incorporated some good grains. I found bulgar and red quinoa at Central Market here in Houston. It is the quick-cooking type of bulgar and of course, quinoa cooks fairly fast on its own.Ingredients:1/2 cup Bulgar & Red Quinoa1 cup water...more

Bulgur-ities (or, "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian"

I know you’re out there, you people who read cookbooks as though they’re novels. Well, I’m here to report that I’m fast becoming one of you. It’s all thanks to Mark Bittman and his latest, “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.” If it weren’t so outsized, so hefty, I’d probably have taken it to bed with me last night. ...more