Lights, Camera, Action! Ideas for a Movie-themed Sunday School classroom

My husband and I are 2nd grade Sunday School teachers at our church, and this year, I had the “itch” to redecorate the room. I wanted some type of theme for the entire room, so of course I headed to Pinterest for some inspiration! I decided on a movie theme, and there were so many ideas our there. However, all of the ideas were for school classrooms, so I had to tweak some of these ideas to fit in a church setting. Here is how it turned out:THE DOOR:...more

How Someone Becomes a Mean Girl

But they never ignored an opportunity. They always found a stray thread on my self-confidence to pull, ripping the seams and shredding my self-worth. Those girls grew up. Backpacks became Kate Spade bags and slap bracelets became diamond rings. They have a new playground – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, message boards. ...more
Pure, angry joy. I feel sorry for you. I understand you have had a pathetic life, but why not ...more