The Jaw Dropping Way This Preschooler Stood Up To A Bully

As a mom, I am always correcting my son’s behavior in an effort to mold him into a well-mannered person. My kid is forever catching some fresh hell for committing run-of-the-mill kid crimes. It isn’t enough for me that he follows the rules. I want the boundaries I create to help him develop confidence and self-respect. Like any mom, I want my son to be a decent kid.And so I am constantly saying things like this:...more

How to be Your Own Big Sister

"She's touching me!""She's playing with MY princess ring!""She won't give it back!""You can't come to my sleepover birthday party!!"Slap.  Pinch.  Scream.  Cry."Aunt Char.. Aunt Char!!  She's STILL touching me!"...more

How to Protect Your Kids from Bullies

Bullying has been a problem in schools for centuries. The reasons kids bully other kids are very diverse and sometimes difficult to pin point, making it almost impossible to correct or prevent. Many parents and schools are making attempts to reduce bullying in schools, but the issue still remains....more

Why We Scrapped the Golden Rule

THE GOLDEN RULEAs a child, I was raised on the golden rule. I was taught to treat others as I wanted to be treated. Initially, I taught my children the same thing - afterall it was The Golden Rule.As a little girl, people didn't treat me very well, but I'd continue to  treat them the way I wanted to be treated because that's what my mom expected of me.That didn't turn out so well. I'd treat them well, they'd treat me worse, rinse and repeat....more

The day I had to be a grown up

I'm Sorry That My Kid Hurt Your Kid

Dear Parent of a Child My Son Has Injured, Hi. I know our kids go to the same school and that we sometimes see each other at after-school pick up, but I'm hoping to avoid eye contact with you for a little while during this awkward recovery time. How is your daughter's face? (Or: How is your son's ankle?) Is her lip healing well? (Or: Is he able to walk without a limp yet?)...more
Thanks for your insights and tips, everyone! We have a meeting with the teacher and the ...more

DIY Stitches

Usually it doesn’t matter what Matt Lauer says; it’s always beautiful. As long as words are cascading off his delicate-in-a-manly-way lips, they’re forming sentences I want to hear.But this morning when he started telling a story about Whitney Kropp, a Michigan teenager who contemplated suicide after being elected to her homecoming court as a “joke,” my heart plummeted in a way contrary to my usual Matt Lauer Response....more

Confessions of a Mean Girl

Hi again, Melissa! I've never seen the movie, so I guess I should finally rent it and see it. I ...more

'Bully' melted my mean, mean heart

I tend to be skeptical of the “bullying epidemic” often portrayed in the media, and in fact, in our national conversation.That is not to say that I don’t think bullying exists. It does, from time immemorial.Or that I think it’s OK. It is horrible, and it is not at all OK. It’s the opposite of OK. It shows the worst of the human condition....more

Bullying...In the Form of Adult Christians

 After much thought and prayer I’ve decided to post a few articles this week about bullying. I’m posting them here as to not offend anyone that might read them on my personal blog. One day I hope to have to courage to post them on my blog. As I’m typing this my hands are shaking and my heart is pounding. ...more