Bullying in Primary School & the Role of the Teacher

If your child has been bullied at school, or if you've noticed their behaviour and personality has changed, take the time to consider how the teacher regards your child and whether he or she is taking action to investigate the dynamics in the classroom. It can make the world of difference to your child, as I discovered with my own daughter's experiences....more

#1000Speak: Bullies on the Bus

31 Days, 32 Revelations: Green-Eyed Bandits

Series Introduction...more
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Getting to the Root of Bullying

Kids beat up, pick on, and harass other kids. Nothing new. What is new is bullying sits in the forefront of our consciousness to disseminate, stop, and be rid of it once and for all. Social media provides a platform to witness bullying, exposing teachers, institutions, and people of all ages attacking others. We run campaigns to end the cycle. We expose the problem and teach how to handle bullying when it happens. Will this end bullying? No problem, big or small, will end unless we get to the root of the problem. That's when the more subtle, perhaps harder, work begins. ...more

Teach tolerance

I was asked to review a book on jokes written by a college student. I was sent the book for free in exchange for my honest opinion. After five minutes of looking over the book, I sent an email to the author telling her that I was declining her invitation to review the book.Why? The book was slanted towards kids. The first part of the book was full of cute, innocent knock-knock jokes. Corny and funny, appropriate for kids. The second section, and this is where I stopped, was "Yo' Mama jokes". I was disgusted....more

When your bully lives at home

My son likes to tell me stories about his classmates' behavior at school. (He's a bit of a talker.) I know all about the children who use too many paper towels, or the ones who never sleep during quiet time, and even about the ones who have too many "hateful words." I remind my son that I am only interested in his behavior....more
Yes, my older siblings were bullies. I was also bullied in school from 3rd through 9th grade. ...more

You Can't Sit With Us: Mean Girls in the Workplace

I had my fair share of "mobbing" or "bullying" within the workplace. As a young, talented, positive, gifted, passionate, competent and high achiever African American woman. I have been the target of mobbing/bullying in the workplace. Being a target of mobbing/bullying in the workplace does impact your life in a negative way because you are committed and hired to perform your job duties and responsibilities and you receive emotional abuse in return....more

Don't Let Your Ex Steam Roll You

We hear about bullies on the playground.  We worry our child will get bullied at school or even worse, we worry our child will be the bully. But bullying is something that goes on throughout our lives. It doesn’t end on the playground.  We can experience it in the workplace, in a relationship, in a friendship and most likely in a divorce.  Yes, there are such things as divorce bullies....more