Bully for That

I hate the word "bully". We use it so flippantly in our society. People are mean to each other; kids and adults say and do horrible things out of fear and insecurity. It happens. Bullying is the name we've given repeated, hurtful decisions, and I guess those actions need a word....more

An Elephant Never Forgets

"Do you really need that cookie?"  My Grandpa asked me, when I joined my cousins in eating Christmas cookies while helping our Grandma put up the Christmas tree.  I looked away and pretended I didn't hear him while I ate the cookie in shame.  I had to have been about 10 years old, and that was about the first time I realized I was fat....more

An Open Letter to My High School Bully

Dear Marvin*, I'm writing this letter to you so I can get some things off of my chest. I'm done letting you win, and I need to get this out there once and for all so I can move on with my life. See, you made my freshman year a living hell. You made me search for you everywhere I went so I could avoid you at all costs. I KNEW that any encounter would end in you making a comment about my weight. Whether it would be a smart little joke, or just flat out calling me fat, I knew it was coming. ...more
I totally agree with you!more

Training Our Cats

For Christmas I put together a "cat training kit" for the teenager, consisting of a book on how to clicker-train, a training clicker, and bags of cat treats....more

Parenting the Middle Child – When It’s Not Middle Child Syndrome

I’ve always heard about middle child syndrome, but I’ve never seen it before nor experienced it. It’s always been myself and my younger sister. I was the eldest, she was the baby, and I had to set the example. All of those memes about how they had your curfew, you dated with an escort, etc.- yea that was totally me....more

The Politics of Bullying and The Bullies of Politics

Another day, another case of presidential hopeful Donald Trump acting like a big, mean bully. What would morning be without scanning the iPad at 5am to discover whom he had mocked the previous evening? Will it be a woman he doesn't think is attractive enough to run for president? Or perhaps it will be a woman who questioned the many times he’d bullied other women? Or maybe, once in a while (like this morning,) you awaken to learn he’d actually bullied a man with a disability?...more

Is Bullying a Form of Abuse?

 2.5 minute readAfter having experienced both abuse and bullying in my life, I realized that abuse felt a lot like being bullied and being bullied felt a lot like being abused. So, I began to wonder if it is fair to say that bullying is a form of abuse?...more

The Cycle

Thursday, November 5What is the most important lesson you learned as a child, and who taught it to you?---------"Everyone will hurt you. But you being hurt does not justify hurting others in return."You do not have to tell meAbout the pain, the hurt, the liesI know all about these thingsI feel it too, I empathizeI know his hands reach outIn anger he marks your faceI know the pain, the bruisesThe marks that makeup can't erase...more

Online Bullying

Online bullying is a real problem.  I have had it done to me countless times, don't let it happen to you.  If you see something, say something.Xx, KellyKelly WonderlinKellyWonderlin.ComKellyWonderlin@gmail.com...more

Guiding Your Bully to a Better Place

 Apparently, bullying starts younger than I remember....more