Dance Bully

My husband has this signature move that he does whenever we go out dancing. It's a simple move and one that he has done for as long as I've known him. It starts with a rhythmic head bob. Then slowly, his shoulders will begin to pump. Soon he generates enough of a groove to penetrate his entire body, causing a series of epileptic shifts in both of his legs. It's quite beautiful really, like a swan lost in the jungle....more

How The Selfie Transformed My World

I absolutely hate photos of me. Or I used to hate them. Now I sometimes like some of them a little bit.Like many women, I am my own worst critic about my appearance. I’m fat, ugly, crooked teeth, scar on my lip, etc, etc, etc. But the thing I’ve hated the most are my eyes....more
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My Wish For You in 2014


Bullying Is Abuse

Embracing the "Bully"

Last year I volunteered in my son Zach’s kindergarten class. There was a boy Emmett who was bigger than most of the other kids, and he quickly got a reputation for being a bully. I noticed at recess though that the other kids would provoke Emmett. They’d annoy and pester him until he started pushing them back. I asked his mom whether he felt the kids were picking on him....more

Being Bullied and Preventing It

 Two girls were arrested in Florida for bullying Rebecca Ann Sedwick to suicide. Bullying isn't new, it's just easier and more widely acknowledged than it has been in the past. Here's part of my story, names has been changed to protect the not so innocent, but the story never changes. It was only 2 or 3 days into the 6th grade school year when I was seated behind Shane in one of those old desks that you put your supplies in and had a groove on top for your pencils. Mr. Monfredo left the class for a few minutes. Shane decided to use his time constructively and steal my pencils. He made quite a spectacle of it, ensuring that the entire classroom was captivated by his antics. He began to tip my desk and threaten to knock it to the ground sending all my supplies down with it. I got so nervous and afraid of being embarrassed; I reached forward and grabbed the front of my desk....more
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The bully.

I could see them, standing around her, laughing.  She was laughing too. I watched her trying to get them to NOT do it.  She was trying to be a good sport, but, they just couldn’t let her alone. They did it.  They pulled off her wig... her wig.Her hands shot up to her hair as she tried to straighten it.She continued to be a good sport.She was asking, nicely, for them to give it back.  She was asking nicely....more

Bullying Blog

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  NO ANGEL AM I No angel am I...more