Never Let A Bully Win. Fight Back. Live. ...more

Blog Spotlight: Temple Terrace Author Pens Anti-Bullying Book

By D'Ann White Temple Terrace Patch's newest blogger, Normandy Piccolo, is the author of "Bullycide: To Whom It Concerns," a book that explores the pain caused by bullying. Whether it's through poetry, novels, short stories, songs or television and radio scripts, Normany Piccolo hopes to use her gift with words to change the world....more

Do You Become Psycho Mom?

      I am generally the "level-headed parent."  I am generally the person willing to find a way to work it out, and I am willing to admit it if my kid is the one instigating or even participating in the problem.  I believe strongly that it's important to teach children that they are going to run into people that they don't like, and they will have to deal with those people maturely.  ...more
I am proud of you. I have not yet had to deal with bullies with my own kids, though I dealt with ...more

Dear Bullied Kids: It Gets Better Because You Get Stronger

I remember the feeling. I would stand, my back up against the fence, my legs weak. I’d stand there and wonder which way I would run this time and if they’d chase me, or if I’d get away with just having rocks thrown at me. I’d watch them close in, chanting their stupid name they made up about my nose, which was upturned “like a pig’s”. And I’d wonder when this hell would be over. When it would be my turn to watch them squirm? But more than that, when would I just be accepted like they all seemed to be? Why did I have to be the one everyone made fun of?It’s not a new feeling....more

Did I Just Make My Son A Bully?

     Yesterday we attended a family party, and by family party I mean a giant gathering of what has to be the largest family on the Eastern Coast. I have 56 (first) cousins, that's without adding in spouses or children. It's generally a fun time, for the most part, but I'm running into an issue with Happyboy....more
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Where's the missing piece to the Anti-bullying puzzle?

Okay, so tonight on my way home from work, I heard a PSA regarding bullying. You know the one. The one about "today in chemistry I learned that I was ugly" and so on a so forth. Now I totally am on board with the whole anti bullying  mentality. In fact, I think it's an amazing message to spread world peace and kindness, but where's the other piece of the puzzle? Why in the world has everyone forgotten the most important part? Why in the hell are we letting everyone around us determine our self worth?...more

Voices Are for Standing Up for Yourself

My son Zach is very big for his age and always has been. Obviously, when our daughter Kaylee was born, we told him to be gentle with her because she was just a baby, and he could easily hurt her. Over the past three years, he has been gentle with her for the most part, only infrequently pushing or tripping her. Now, he’s six years old, a foot taller than her, and over 20lbs. heavier....more

Teen Mistakes | Sexting Bullying

Anthony Weiner is in the news again. Apparently, more photos and conversations from his sexting, sex chatting days have surfaced. I'm sure this isn't a shock to may people. While learning about the latest developments, I began to wonder if parents understand that Mr. Weiner represents an ongoing problem among teens. Sexting is on the rise among our teens....more

When the Bully Just Might Be Correct

When I was in school, there wasn’t much talk about bullying like there is today. But, when I look back I was definitely a victim of bullying.How do I know this? It’s haunted me my whole life. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about at least one of the comments that was said about me when I was younger. It’s likely the most vivid memory in my mind. And, many times, I think he was correct....more
I was constantly made fun of by one of my classmates for my big nose...and he was right -- my ...more