Where I Defend JB and Then Give My Street Cred to Charity

I've written about this before; my son Clyde has a hopeless crush on Justin Bieber.  There's not really another word for it.  It is all consuming.  I imagine it is like that feeling I had for Chris B....more

What About Today?

His head hit the metal gym locker with a resounding thud, he crumpled down to the floor. “Stay down you little faggot!!” A chorus of laughter bounced about the tiled locker-room as the group of seniors left, a cacophony of hate was all he heard....more

Bullying in the workplace

When people hear about bullying, the first thought that goes through their mind would generally be of physical activities that cause discomfort or distress toward another person.  ...more

Top 5 Tips to Help your Child Avoid Bullying

Avoiding bullying can take a toll on not just your child but the entire family.  Kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be especially vulnerable to bullying, so beginning the bullying talk early can be beneficial to making sure your child can advocate for himself and is not be prey to the bully.  Here are five tips to help your child dodge the bully:...more

On Bullies: No, You Can’t Punch My Kid

“Bring it tomorrow and you said if you don’t I could punch you thank you good night.” I called Big Girl into the kitchen. What was this, I wanted to know. Nervously, she explained that one of the little girls in her class told her to bring a specific toy to school. And if she didn’t, she was going to punch Big Girl. ...more

I agree with lisanoel, you did what was right for you and your daughter. And it never hurts to ...more

Be Thankful for Your Anger

by Gina Simmons, Ph.D....more

Inside the Bully's Brain

by Gina Simmons, Ph.D....more

Sorry New York Times: There Aren't Two Sides to Bullying

According to the New York Times, some folks out there have decided that anti-bullying measures in schools around the country are a new prong of attack in the Homosexual Agenda. The dissenters, of course, don’t claim to be in favor of bullying, only opposed to telling kids that being gay is not a reason to bully someone. I’m not sure exactly what the difference is when bullying takes a homophobic tone. ...more

What I love about Sesame Street is that it has been showing various combination's of family for ...more

Choose Friends Wisely & Hide Your Food

Children who beg for your food when they see you eating (even though they had food in front of them), always irked me. Somehow, I always reasoned, they had no one around to tell them that was rude and made folks uncomfortable. I'm not talking about a hungry kid who has no food. I'm talking about the child who sees what you have and wants it for themselves even though they have something in front of them that is theirs. When my own daughter does this, I tell her she can have some after I've eaten all that I was going to eat....more

"Don't be friends with mean people."' Oh, man. If only that worked!

This is tough stuff. Even ...more