A Letter to My Sons' Neurotypical Friends

I hope you know how much your friendships mean to Sam and Noah. Even though they can't express their gratitude in words, their devotion to you is evident in their actions. I watch them scan the lunchroom and playground for you. When you play together, their personalities truly shine and I get a better look at who they are and who they will be as they grow up. Fact is, you have no idea how much they will need your friendship in the coming years. Right now being friends is easy....more
This is such a sweet letter. It is great. I know the boys' friends will appreciate this.more

Social Media... The Modern Day Big Bad Wolf

Reason #2 Zillion- Why it totally sucks to be a teenager in TODAY'S society-Social networking.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.Everybody has one....more

Bullies Are Here to Stay...School Shootings...What's Going On?

                                                    Click image above to watch...more

Self-Assertion Is Different From Obnoxiousness

Self-Assertion Is Different From Obnoxiousness...more

Yet Another Open Letter to the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch

Dear Mr. Jeffries,...more

Teaching our Kids to Stand Up for Themselves

If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us will admit that there are experiences in our childhood we would like to forget. Trouble is that we can’t. These events have marked us for the rest of our lives. For me it was something that happened in sixth grade. As I was sitting on a school bus happily chatting in Russian with a friend, a girl demanded that we stop talking about her. Surprised by the unwarranted request, I attempted to convince her in broken English that we were speaking Russian because it’s harder for us to speak English....more

When Blogging Gets Ugly

Mine eyes have seen the coming of the gory of the blog. It's happened. I've been blogging enough to see blogging drama with my own eyes. I was once told to keep an eye out on Twitter for the drama. But I honestly never thought I'd ever see it unfolding before my own eyes--not once, but twice. The first time it was a few weeks ago regarding Blissdom....more

2013 Day of Silence: Teens Go Silent For LGBT Equality

This Friday, April 19th, my daughter and some of her friends won't be uttering a single a word. For a whole day, they won't say anything at all. Is this some sort of parent-of-teens pipe dream come true? Not exactly; it's the 2013 Day of Silence. Does refusing to talk for a day change anything? This is an event designed to build awareness, so it's hard to measure cause and effect directly, of course. ...more
What a beautiful post. Thanks for writing.more

Bullying - How To Help Your Child

BULLYING - HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILDOne million children were victims of Cyber Bullying in 2011 on Facebook, alone! This is a country-wide problem that needs to solved!...more

I was bullied. Weren't you?

I was bullied in grade school. I can’t pinpoint when it started because it was more of a gradual increase of meanness than a specific event....more