Where It Begins

Where It Begins My heart broke yesterday when I read about the young man who ended his life after being outed on YouTube by his roommate and others at college. Bullying is by no means a new problem. I was bullied in school by a group of mean girls, and silently started to believe what they said....more

It's Not Just about Cupcakes: LGBT Youth Are at Real Risk

On the one hand, I’m glad baker David Stockton of Indianapolis denied some college students rainbow-colored cupcakes for their National Coming Out Day celebration.  It gives us a clear idea of who not to give our rainbow dollars to when ordering our Big Gay Wedding cakes, for example.  I’d much prefer to know the businesses I frequent aren’t taking my money and donating it to anti-gay causes, for example.  There are plenty of gay-friendly bakeries to choose from instead.  And of course, there’s always Betty Crocker and a little food coloring. ...more

I wonder what that baker will do if one of his children is gay? Shame them or make them a cake? ...more

Hair Woes: Why I Straighten My Hair

I straighten my hair. Daily. To do this, I have to allow for more time to get ready. I spend more money on product than I do when I let my natural curls do their thing. I actually feel kind of sad some mornings when my curls disappear with the wave of my magic straightening iron. But I do it anyway. ...more
Ha, this post came up when I shared my #NaBloPoMo post ...more

Food-Allergic Kids More Likely to Be Bullied (Maybe)

The food allergy world is abuzz this week with the results of a new study on the prevalence of bullying when it comes to our kids with food allergies; the numbers are sobering. ...more

We are living the life of a food allergic child.

Our 12yo son is has anaphylactic allergies ...more

The Can I Sit With You Project: Join Us

My high school reunion is in just a few weeks, and when I go to the dinner and dancing we’ve planned, I’ll see many of the people I went to school with from first grade until that day in June when we received our diplomas twenty years ago. I missed our last big reunion because I had just given birth to our first child, and other than a few visits at the holidays, a couple of weddings and my two baby showers, I really haven’t been back “home” or seen many of those classmates in all of those 20 years. ...more

I love that picture of you. And I think you'll have the best 20th in OC history - because the ...more

How many bullies will it take?

Today I read an article about a boy in Ohio who was beaten by bullies to the point of having a broken arm - because he is a cheerleader.  Tyler Wilson is eleven years old, and wanted to join the cheerleading squad with hopes of someday being a male cheerleader at the collegiate level.  He has been bullied, teased, taunted, and now beaten up, simply for being a cheerleader.  But bravo to Tyler for not giving in to the uneducated and neandrathal mentality of those boys, because he says he isn't going to quit the squad.  The saddest part?  Somewhere along the way, the ...more

We're Not Gonna Take It: Anti-Bullying Laws Leaving Kids Unprotected

Welcome to Kindergarten I'm angry. Not just a little angry, but really angry....more

Parent Your Kid

 Have you ever stared down an 18 month old that you've never seen before in your life?  We went to the mall again this weekend.  Playland on a Sunday afternoon; every parent's worst nightmare.The babies were playing on the slide. ...more

Overweight and Overwrought!

We recently heard about a twelve year old boy who weighs 222 pounds and has a waist size of 48.5 inches. Because of teasing and bullying, this boy's parents decided to home school him. He has begged his parents to help him lose the weight. His hope is that he will lose the weight and be able to go back to school without being teased. He just wants to be treated like the other kids....more

Tales of the Schoolyard: Confession -- I Was a Bully

My daughter Isobel started seventh grade only two days ago. The moment she stepped into her schoolyard, my heart started racing with anxiety, even though she was happy to go back to school and appears to be socially well-adjusted. She's a good student, and -- as far as I know -- a good kid and a good friend. ...more
I was bullied. Quietly rejected, taunted, excluded every day of 5th ahd 6th grade. All for ...more