Words Can Hurt Me

I can remember being eight-years-old, having my grandmother tell me "sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you."  It's a mantra that I've heard hundreds ...more

Don't be that girl. Just don't.

  Do those people who argue about nature vs nurture have any children? If they did maybe they would stop debating this issue because the answer is CLEARLY both....more

Bullyproofing kids ... is it possible?

It's impossible to be bullied if you are sure of yourself and you know who you are....more

When Abuse is Called Criticism

Recently, a beautiful young woman who I admire greatly has been getting more than her fair share of harassment from someone online. Out of respect for her, I won't provide links to her page, unless she'd like me to, but it does bring up an ongoing issue in the creative world. Abuse being called criticism....more

Don't Tell My Fifth Grader To 'Grow A Pair'

I hated 5th grade. I spent the year hiding from a bully who stated on day one of school that she was going to beat me up because I wore barrettes. She got her friends to taunt and torment me, causing me to spend the rest of the year terrified she’d make good on her promise. My bullying experience pales in comparison to what many kids go through, but it affected me and made for an incredibly stressful year that left me riddled with fear and anxiety....more
theempressandthefool  Yes, there are hurts in life, and kids need to learn to cope with them. ...more

Freed: The Story of a Teenage Low-Life

Originally posted on ChapterTK.com Feelings of inadequacy are not new to me. For reasons unknown, I’ve dealt with that feeling for most of my life. I’ve grown used to the fight, giving the world my all even when I feel rejection.I’m sharing one of my favorite poems, today. I don’t know that it’s any better than the rest, but it carries more emotion for me. This poem depicts my fight for acceptance and self-definition....more

What happens when a life coach cyber slaps you?

http://www.findingmymojo.com Everyone knows I can’t stand bullies. Especially the ones who hide behind their computers and say whatever they want without ever fully understanding the true impact of what they say.The other day I was having a little pat myself on the back moment on my facebook page where I recounted how four years ago I had been penniless, homeless, jobless and if I believed everything I read about myself; I was also worthless and futureless as well....more

Did Feminism Fail Monica Lewinsky?

Monica Lewinsky is back, and on her own terms, in an essay for the magazine Vanity Fair. It took us a long time to get here -- the relationship she writes about, with former U.S. president Bill Clinton happened in 1995, when she was 21. It's been nearly twenty years since the affair happened, sixteen since it exploded in 1998, leading to the impeachment trial of Clinton, who was eventually acquitted of having lied under oath about having been involved with Lewinsky. ...more
The reality is she was a young kid in her twenties. The Clinton's (both slick Willy and ...more

Real Men Wear Pink

Since having a son, I have felt myself repeating “real men wear pink”, internally as well as aloud, more often than I ever expected.I have thought about writing this post many times in the past few months but felt it served no purpose than to appear to be searching for controversy. A few weeks ago, I put up this photo on Facebook of Jack captioned “Don’t mind me…just getting into trouble”....more