I was bullied. Weren't you?

I was bullied in grade school. I can’t pinpoint when it started because it was more of a gradual increase of meanness than a specific event....more

When The Bully is Also A Friend

We've all seen it. The boy on the playground that seems to want to pick a fight with everyone while his mom is gabbing away with her friend and paying no attention. I've been known to just talk to kids I don't know that are trying to hit my kids and say things very loudly like, "No hitting please!" in the hopes that their mom will hear and do something. Oblivious moms at the playground are a big pet peeve of mine. But, what do you do when the little bully is also a friend? ...more

Bullying: The Double Edged Sword

As I watched last night's Oscars, and read this morning's posts about the Oscars (and the horrible tweet about that adorable little girl by The Onion) there is one thing that came to my mind. Bullying really never stops, even outside of school. I read an article the other day, talking about the new findings of a study regarding what bullying (both being the bully and being bullied) does to a person's pysche and it's lasting effects....more

When Your Child Is An Atheist

My twelve year old boy is an atheist.He's been a self-proclaimed atheist since he was about seven.The kid believed in Santa Clause, but I guess God was just too unrealistic. I'm assuming his faith in Santa stemmed from the fact that he received presents from a fat guy with a white beard -- and not from a guy with a white beard sitting on a throne in the clouds....more

Standing Up For Herself

Sometimes, I really got to wonder... Last week, I took the girls out for a fun afternoon at Playmobil Fun Park. Folks, I had taken a day oof work because the hubby was taking an all-day test in town, and since the weather was yuckie, I took them to check out the Fun Park, which was recommended to me by other moms. I can tell you, it WAS fun! The girls got to play with all the expensive Playmobil toys and I could sit back and watch them playing because I knew someone else would have to pick up after them....more

Girls Can Be Meanies


Lily's Pain

Our little girl has been different these past weeks; she's not been her usual bubbly, excited, smiley self. She's been on the edge of tears a lot, moody, threw near-epic tantrums. Richard and I first thought that this was only a phase that would pass soon and tried to work through it with her. Then, she started to withdraw. She would spend afternoons in her room not allowing anyone in. She would sleep at the oddest times and it took us quite some convincing so she would at least leave her room to have dinner with the family. She refused to go to her beloved swim class....more

Is my kid an asshole?

  What do you do if your kid is an asshole? Like if you are raising a bully or a jerk, what do you do? And why aren't people more interested in how their kids are behaving socially?My boy got a "D" in Spanish last semester. I know he did his best and is almost always an "A" student.  But he struggles in Spanish.  When the teacher called me, she ended her message with, "he is a NICE boy, and I look forward to teaching him next year." ...more

from bullied to bold - teaching my sons to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves

 i was bullied in high school. not the big time stuff you hear about in the news but enough that it made me never forget it. and enough that i knew i would never stand for it again. in my life or in the life of anyone i know....more


For the past two + years, things have been difficult. More than difficult. They say God only gives you what you can handle? Well, my hands are overflowing and I'm not sure how much more we can take. Is this a trial to see how we handle stress and difficult times?  We have three beautiful, amazing, intelligent, unique, generous, loving daughters. They're each their own person, with their own personalities, their own style, attitudes, etc. Our middle daughter has had a hard time lately....more