Rewarding Nice At School?

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The Good News for Karen Klein (and Us) After Her Bus Ride from Hell

By now, many have heard about the four seventh-grade boys who mercilessly taunted and humiliated a 68-year-old bus monitor, calling her “fat,” “disgusting,” and saying her family killed themselves because “they couldn’t stand being around her.”  She sat almost motionless, doing her best to ignore her tormenters.  Her son had, in fact, killed himself ten years earlier.  Ms....more
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About Karen the Bus Monitor: Why Can't We Be Kind to Each Other?

A 68-year-old woman named Karen (who is a widow and a former bus driver of 20 years) has the unenviable job of riding a school bus in the name of “monitoring” the kids. Basically she’s there to keep situations from escalating and anyone from getting hurt. In the video, she is shown sitting alone in a seat, looking out the window and trying to maintain composure whilst a crowd of truly vile middle school students call her names, call her ugly, poke her, and basically be as loathsome as possible to her. ...more
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From Victim to Victory: 3 Tips For Conquering Ego

The ego is an interesting entity.  It is that critical inner voice that tells us we're no good, unworthy and incapable. When we defy it's strident comments and succeed at anything it tells us that we are going to be found out as a fraud and that things will ultimately fall down around us. If we manage to continue to enjoy higher levels of love, happiness and success, it takes the credit! -Anonymous...more


There are some pictures floating around the web of a seal pup who has been shunned from his group.  His immoral act that caused this rejection?  His fur is the wrong color.  He's a redhead.  As a fellow redhead, my heart broke for this little pup. ...more

Where Are the Parents of Kids Who Bully?

“Rachel Ehmke, a 13-year-old seventh grader in Mantorville, Minn., died April 29 after hanging herself at her home. The months leading up to the tragedy were a whirlwind of peer abuse instances, her parents say.”That was the lead paragraph in this piece run by the Huffington Post. My first reaction was heartbreak. My second was terror for my own kids. My third was anger....more
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What if YOUR Kid is the Bully???

As seen this week on (5/9/2012):“Often the right path is the one that may be hardest for you to follow. But the hard path is also the one that will make you grow as a human being.” ― Karen Mueller Coombs, Bully at Ambush Corner...more

Calling All Parents!

I shall start this with a disclaimer.  This is a rant.  I'm frustrated and irritated and since this is MY blog, I get to put it out there in MY way.  This is in NO WAY aimed at our local school district or any one person or group of people.  We are very blessed to have fabulous schools here and for that I am forever grateful....more
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The Things I Want to Say About the Bullying of My Daughter

I want to say the bullying my daughter has suffered this school year has stopped.I don't like to lie.I want to say that it has lightened up.I can't even say that.I want to say that the bully got the message, and she's backing off.The truth is, just the opposite it true.  It has escalated.  It's bordering on stalking now....more
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When it Comes to Bullying, How Responsible are the Parents?

Here we are just a few short weeks from the end of school.  I thought we were going to make it, but apparently I was wrong.  See we have a bully in our neighborhood.  Most of the moms have agreed (ok, me and the neighbor) that it is not all her fault.  After all, he home life is far from optimal, with a single mom who doesn’t always parent her.  We have tried to cut her some slack, we have put up with a lot from her, and so have our daughters....more
It does have to stop and I am glad you made some noise with the school. Hopefully, they will ...more