On Judgment and Breastfeeding

If you know me at all, even a little bit, then you know that I am a person who loves breastfeeding. I think breastfeeding is great, and will talk about it until you are super bored and/or uncomfortable. Half of the population of Toronto has probably seen my breasts by now, and not just because of my preference for low-cut tops. Most of the time I’m pretty sure my kid loves me, but there are days when I wonder if he loves my boobs more....more

Sculptor Linda Stein Apologizes to the Girl She Bullied in Childhood

By Linda Stein, cross-posted from On The Issues Magazine.In eighth grade, I was a bully....more

Bullies? I wonder where they got that.

It seems that almost every day we read a terrible story of a child suffering chronic abuse at the hands of bullies.   These aptly named people seem to be relentless in their ability to attack, demean, and belittle their intended victim.  In trying to understand why people bully I see hand wringing, finger pointing, and general confusion as to how and why people become bullies.  I’m not feeling that confusion. ...more

The Fight

THE FIGHT I sat there trembling…looking at the bottle of fingernail polish remover.  I kept telling myself to just put it to my lips and drink it.  I couldn’t go on like this.  I couldn’t do it anymore.  I ran to the laundry room in our basement and studied the ceiling.  Metal poles were everywhere: connectors that supplied water and heat to our home.   Rope.  Rope.  I need rope.  How was I going to do this?  I found a sheet and wrapped it around my neck to see what it felt like.  Tightened it. ...more

Mean girls suck

Ah, to be a fourteen year old girl again.  I would't trade my anything to go back there. Except maybe to switch places with my girl so she didn't have to go through it.  It is so fucking painful to watch them go through the hard stuff.  Like I was speaking of on my birthday that no one tells you that, just as much as you love your kids, you hurt for them.  And there is no amount of Al-anon that can help you when it is your child who is being mistreated at school.  It is so fucking painful. ...more

A Cut Too Deep

There's two sides to every story...This is mine ...more

Bullying: Amanda Todd's Death Inspires Change

Amanda Todd was just 15 years old. I say she was because on October 10th, 2012 she killed herself. Amanda was a victim of bullying....more

Bullying (or, nolite te bastardes, etc.)

I’ve written on here about some of the less-than fun stuff I went through as a teenager, but I think that last night was the first time that I’ve ever publicly referred to it as bullying. And now I kind of want to talk about it?A little bit of background:...more

You're Amazing, Jennifer Livingston

I wrote a poem at the age of 16, sitting outside the cafeteria windows at my high school. It was a rough sketch of my elementary school experience, where I was disgustingly and mercilessly bullied. I had never been able to put the feelings I had about the experience into words, but I was able to now – and re-reading it after I had written it made the tears come to my eyes....more

Fighting Bullying With Our Own Stories

You are strong enough -- you have always been strong enough, even as you drew your first breath, pink and sticky with placenta. You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are individual. Your very existence is a testament to courage. You do not need the certainty of conformity because you are courage. You may not think it matters, you may think that you are alone, but the very act of being you, doing what makes you happy, liking what you like, dressing how you like, exploring what you like, is a triumph for freedom and self-expression on a much bigger battleground than you could ever imagine. ...more
Thank you for sharing tha great story thats so inspiring that teenager managed to turn that ...more