Bumbo Blame: Why Must We Always Point Fingers?

For the most part, product recalls don't affect me much. Either I'm using recalled items and I'm unaware of the recall, or I just don't happen to own many things that have been recalled. The recent Bumbo recall is so aggravating to me, because I love our Bumbo seat and I hope to continue using it for Baby #2, who is expected to arrive this November. What bothers me even more, however, is the negative media response to this; one that seeks to place the blame on someone. Many people are defending the Bumbo seat, but at the cost of blaming the parents for irresponsibility or inattention. In some cases I am sure children fell from Bumbo seats because parents were truly being inattentive -- but even this does not indicate the need to point fingers....more
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Yeah, Baby!

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Bumbo, My Beloved Bumbo

Dear Bumbo: Bumbo seatI remember looking for you in stores. You were impossible to find, literally sold out in every Target, Babies R Us and Wal-mart in the tri-county area. Oh, how I wanted to find you. We needed an alternative to tummy time. The swing was great, but it kept our baby laying on the back of his head. Bumbo promised to elevate baby’s head. Keep baby upright. We longed for a few minutes of hands-free upright time. We finally found you, online. Yes, it’s true, people can find love online these days. ...more