Mangalore bun (Banana Bun)

I spent my childhood in a small township Kudremukha (now a world heritage site), which was about 100 kms from the beautiful coastal town Mangalore in Karnataka. Mangalore was our go-to place when it came to day trips, shopping, and of course beach time! What made our trips even more special were these delightful sweet and soft Mangalore buns. Made with overripe bananas, they are technically pooris, and not buns. Why are they called bun then – I have no idea! Maybe because they don’t absorb even a drop of oil unlike pooris. ...more

Remington Perfect Bun Review & Tutorial… sort of | Hobbs & Hayworth

Our favorite sassy Southern mamas are at it again! It’s a new episode of Hobbs & Hayworth. (Did you miss the first one? Check it out here.) Audrey and Harmony review the Remington Perfect Bun thingy. Remington Perfect Bun Review & Tutorial… Sort of ...more

How to Do a Ballerina Bun

I never got into the sock bun trend because they just look too perfect. I prefer a more classic (but kinda messy) bun. I do my hair like this for my ballet classes, so I don't have to worry about hair flying all over the place. But I also like the bun for whenever I'm having a lazy hair day. ...more
You and your pooch are adorable!  I'm a fan of the sock bun but I make it messy by arranging my ...more

How to do a bun with Bun Ease!

I love to wear a bun and it is easier then you think to do! ...more

Seen on the Scene: Loc bun

Here is a lovely loc bun that I saw today. Her locs were beautifully colored and adorned with a dragon fly pin. Check it out. ...more