The Crazy Things You Do When You Turn 40!

I turned the big four-O last October. I still have a hard time thinking of myself as being 40. In my mind, I'm really only about 32. Turning 40 wasn't the big, traumatic life event that it seems to be for some of my friends, and getting old really doesn't bother me, I think because I'm pretty happy with where my life is at the moment.  Instead, 40 was like a wake up call - as in, "Hey, wake up! You are halfway through your life! What is it that you want to accomplish?!" This feeling first hit me last winter - about 10 months before my 40th birthday....more

Life's Too Short Not To Take Risks

Today, I’m going to be on television for the first time (View From the Bay, ABC TV in San Francisco at 3pm PST!) Thing is, I hate cameras. But it’s all in service to my mission. I believe that my work- Owning Pink, my book, the Owning Pink Center- is like air for a world that is suffocating. We have been so stifled by trying to put ourselves in boxes that don’t fit that we have forgotten how to breathe. We have beaten ourselves up and suffered in silence. We have settled for living lives that are less than vital....more