DIY Bunny Garland

I wanted to share a little DIY project I did last night that cost less than $5 and gave our mantle a little Easter cheer!...more

Pretty Easter Origami Treat Bunnies

I made these cute paper Origami bunnies. Fun. Fun. Fun.   I used scrapbook paper to make these bunnies.  Come over to my blog to see more:...more

...Coffee and Bunnies...why didn't I think of this?

...the mind wanders to strange places when it's left idling.Lately I have been having serious issues with myself. Self esteem. Self worth. Wondering what I am good at. What I am bad at. Where I need to improve. Why sometimes I feel like I am screaming from the back of the room to a crowd of people wearing ear plugs. Why I don't feel like I measure up. My work, my home life, my abilities as a mom, my abilities as a friend, a partner, a daughter, a sister. Feeling lonely and contained. I don't really know why....more

Easter Celebrations: How to Make Bunny Bunting and Door Hangers

Ready for Easter? ...more

OMG sooo cute!more

Fun Crafts for Easter and Beyond

I know.  It's the last minute for doing any Easter crafts, but many of these ideas are just so wonderful that you should keep them in your crafty to-do file for other great spring occasions. These crafts may have Easter as a theme, but I prefer to think them all as perfect SPRING crafts. ...more