“Teddy Tragedy” Video Highlights Volkswagen Safety Features

Volkswagen recently began airing an advertisement documenting the tragic love story of a pair of stuffed bunnies, who are destined to be forever apart thanks to Volkswagen's Automatic Distance Control....more

Antique China Egg and Lacy Bunny


Easter Discovery

I discovered two things when I indulged in my layer cake cravings and made a centrepiece-worthy Mango Coconut Carrot Cake for Easter. First, I can ice a cake like it’s nobody’s business. I bet my Art of Cake culinary school instructor would be proud. The other thing is that I miss my crafty days. Making an edible Easter Bunny cake topper completed with carrots reminded me how much I love to make figurines. I sense a trip to my local craft store this weekend to pick up some moulding clay....more

Facebook Bunny Strikes Again!

Do you have a Facebook Fan Page? If you do, you owe it to yourself to have a peek at this tutorial. I show you the two places where Facebook's hiding some of your visitor's comments on your Page! Was this helpful to you or do you know a friend or colleague who administers a Facebook Page? Please share this with them!...more

Abstinence Didn't Work For Her Either

Already a single parent, Kitty came to us moody, feeling fat, and ready to pop out quintuplets. She and her children joined the hundreds of others coming to spcaLA with thousands more on the way. It upsets me when a dog, cat or bunny fret to me that they are surprised by the discovery of an unwanted pregnancy. The only thing left to do was to ask the pets to please sign an abstinence agreement in order to be part of the solution. Alas, they are no more successful than the rest of us in sticking to it.  Please - help me help them....more

Sugary Goodness: Feeding into a kid's candy problem

 Easter. I think it’s over now, but I won’t really be sure until Sally comes off the insulin drip and stops hallucinating about Jell-O. ...more

Every experience enriches you. Cherish the moments!

You were born to succeed. You need to believe that. It's true. ...more

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Chocolate Rabbit

From Ostara to Easter, the holiday weekend is upon us. For some, this means Easter services at their favorite church, for others it means a Pagan springtime ritual, and for still more it's just a great excuse for baked ham and some pretty strange candy. ...more