Confessions Of A Multitasker

Last Friday, Elaine–my partner at $200K Freelancer–called me while I was in the middle of a trip with my daughter to the National Museum of Natural History’s Bug Zoo. We were talking about e-commerce plug-ins for the site.“Oooh,” yelled the crowd in the background. “Don’t mind that,” I said, or something similar. “The tarantula just ate the cricket.” ...more

Rekindling a Burned Out Life

Remember when a simple jolt of caffeine or a little cocoa du jour were enough to snap you back to life? Combos of the two were delightfully invigorating. What do you do, though, when your chocolate binge or triple espresso or monstrously bullish beverage are falling far short of five hours of energy? Start an I.V.? Yes,…I mean, Yikes! You’re probably under enough stress already; the aforementioned “medication” may just lead from metaphor to cardiac floor…in your local hospital....more

Wah! Wah!

Wah! Wah! Agh! I've hit a wall. It doesn't happen often. I feel like I have a pretty high tolerance for lack of sleep and the physical demands of running this household. But right now, I'd like to run up the white flag. The baby is throwing up, has been for days. He was already treated once in the ER for dehydration, and from what I can tell, might be headed there again. The hot water heater has been acting up and "the dishwasher of my dreams" has turned into the 'dishwasher of my nightmares' which necessitates *LOTS* of washing dishes....more

How to Burn Out

More and more I hear from wildly talented, hard working people who are hitting the burn out wall. In case you feel behind the trend and want to catch up, here's my:...more

"Herd" feelings: mean things people say about working moms

People keep telling me how brave I am to write about my nervous breakdown. I don’t feel brave. Actually I’m quite sensitive and I worry about what other people think. It helps that more than 100 women and men, parents and non-parents, have sent emails or written comments on the blog about their own struggles to live a meaningful life in the face of work demands that can be all consuming. Yet, the occasional negative comment can get right under my skin....more

(VIDEO) Anti-Social Multitasking: Are You a Techno Menace to Society?

I had a friend asked me about the Kord Campbell article in the New York Times . Kord almost lost a $1.3 million dollar deal because he was so busy multitasking he missed the initial offer to purchase his company. "No," I told him, "I actually make the time to be off of the computer." It isn’t my total connection to the world. I learned my life requires a balance. It is not healthy to splinter my energies into dead end tasks. More importantly, no device and no amount of busy work will stand between me and $1.3 million dollars. ...more

Running On Empty

Have you been suffering from chronic fatigue lately? Find yourself tossing and turning at night unable to shut off your brain? Feeling at a low… emotionally, physically or spiritually? Have you lost your appetite?...more

A mother of a day

I can’t think of a better way to say this. I had a truly crappy Mother’s Day this year. I think Anna Jarvis would understand. Inspired by her own mother’s life, she started a campaign in 1907 to recognize mothers for their contribution to society. She was successful in making Mother’s Day a national holiday, but then spent the rest of her life fighting its commercial exploitation. She died in an asylum when she was 84. ...more

Help, I’m Totally Frazzled!

I would like today’s Blog to address a comment a friend of mine made to me the other day. It went something like this: “Erica, I have to tell you, I’m losing my patience.  I’m yelling at my kids a lot lately.  I can’t remember the last time I sat on the floor with them to do a puzzle. I’m short tempered with my husband. I’m pulled in a million different directions, and I’m completely frazzled!”...more

Oh the Pain of Loving You

    So, I am not sure what to say. I have upset Maw. She has been in the bed five days with a virus of some kind (I have been telling people she caught the bubonic plague in the emergency room, but that’s not what she’s upset about.) ...more