Why I Hate the Burqa

I have grown to hate the burqa. I hate the burqa because it serves no logical purpose in Western society. The intent of the clothing is to draw attention away from the woman, but in the West it only attracts unwanted attention. Recently a Glasgow man was sentenced to prison for attacking a burqa-clad Saudi woman on the street. He ripped away her niqab. The woman was a graduate student. She has since quit her studies and refuses to leave her apartment. To her the attack was an act of rape. ...more
It is such a terribly sad state of affairs that here, in America, we are considering laws to ban ...more

Burka Rage Begins in France: Two Women Try to Rip Burka From Muslim Woman

A 60-year-old lawyer and her adult daughter were shopping in a trendy French department store this weekend. They got into a physical fight with a 26-year-old Muslim convert who was wearing a burka. They tried to rip the garment off the younger girl's body because they found it offensive. This is being called the first incident of "burka rage" in France. But tension focused around Muslim clothing has been building for some time in this country that is comprised of more than five million Muslims. (By comparison, the U.S. is estimated variously as up to 2.5 million.) ...more
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France Submits Bill to Outlaw Veils Outside the Home

French President Nicolas Sarkozy submitted a bill today banning the wearing of "full veils" (those that cover the face and body such as a niqab or burqa) in France. The proposed bill goes a step further from France's 2004 ban of religious headdresses within classrooms. ...more

Allowed or not desiring to go out of the house are two separate things. For instance, I am not ...more