Yep, that's our boy Bush

The Guardian, ...more

Bush's War and Obama's Muslim Roots Both Played Important Roles in Iran's Protest Movement

Obots (e.g., Bill Keller on MTP) are happy to credit the inchoate pro-democracy movement in Iran to a single speech that Obama gave even as they continue to deny an important ingredient in Mr. Obama’s sway with the Muslim world--his Muslim roots found in his middle name and elsewhere. In fact, the media becomes absolutely apoplectic if anyone other than Obama mentions his Muslim roots.This site does think that Obama-- a guy who has Muslim roots--is of no small appeal to Muslims. He is far less “other” that the stodgy white male presidents who came before him. ...more

Why I'll Be Flying An American Flag

In the flurry of excitement and emotion on this historic day, I did something I haven't done in years. I searched around the house to see if I had an American flag to hang out. I didn't find one and that shocked me. ...more

Bush Says Goodbye, Media Loses Target No. 1

I'm not going to mince words: I like George W. Bush. I think the rabid hatred of the man pushed the mercury from ridiculous to scary at times. I stood back in silent amusement when watching those whose claim to fame is preaching tolerance but sadly demonstrated anything but when discussing him. I understand that there are people who dislike Bush just as there are people who dislike Obama. Dislike! Weird common ground, but I'll take it. ...more

"The idea of America, its self-image and sense of identity, uniquely, has always been less ...more


I am a good person to call if you are taking a poll. I will usually answer all of your questions honestly and concisely. And I think general polls are a good thing, as I have mentioned on my blog before, if I don't tell them how I like something, how will they know to do it my way? ...more


Political: Bushy Boy had another conference to clear up what the $840 billion bailout was for. This was the first time I have seen him NOT crack a smirk while talking. That means (I guess) to take him serious. He's almost out of office and now he gets serious? A. Little. To. Late. I hope he sleeps well at night because I don't. ...more

A Bailout Isn't Enough for Me

I want my chance to help do things correctly. All week long I've been emotionally and intellectually struggling with the near collapse of the global economy and the admonitions of both former Goldman Sachs CEO and President Bush about how we had to give them $700b to bail out the banking system. Immediately. No questions asked. Why? The American public is correctly asking. Who is bailing out my family? So I want more than a bailout I want the American taxpayer to be a limited partner in the vulture fund that buys up these worthless ...more

Why I HATE Sarah Palin

I hate her cause she doesnt answer peoples questions. She sticks to an artfully crafted script of the GOPs greatest hits-the same hockey mom pitbull w/lipstick bullshit-& refuses 2 answer anything else. I hate her cause she preaches til shes blue in the face about abstinence-not only a completely unrealistic thing to teach kids,but the stupid woman stands by it even in face of the fact that it doesnt WORK. Her own kid is knocked up & last time I checked she wasnt exactly married. Im sorry,but Im pretty sure that one needs to have SEX in order for one to GET pregnant. ...more

The $700 Billion Bullshit Bailout

this is bullshit-everyone to say it w/me: this bailout is BULLSHIT. I dont make much-$30,000 before taxes, insurance, & state nickel & dimin take their massive chunk outta me. right now theyre saying what they rob me of every week is going to go towards even more nonsense-to bailout the very companies that are responsible for this mess to begin w/. companies that lurred uninformed, unprepared, blue collar people,GOOD people-into subprime bullshit schemes. ...more

I think these companies need to be paying higer taxes we should not be giving them money. It ...more