Human Resources: Stress Management Policies

If you are an HR professional, it’s a part of your job to make sure the employees of the organization for which you work remain productive and efficient. Devising policies and taking initiative to keep their stress levels to a minimum is an essential component of ensuring the efficiency level of the employees stays up to the mark. However, it is also a well-acknowledged fact in business circles that a little stress is essential in order to get peak performance out of employees....more

The Art of Negotiation

Entrepreneurs know that understanding common negotiation tactics is good business. Having a good understanding of the strategies that can be used by you or on you is necessary to becoming a skilled negotiator....more

Glad to hear from someone who loves negotiations like I do. I love your illustration on ...more

May I rant for a minute?

Co-creator of Big Fish Tops Dogs, musician, award winning graphic artist, mentor, entrepreneur, blogger and owner of multiple businesses. You can follow her on twitter @bigfishtopdogs...more

Creating & Procreating: Are You Giving Birth To Babies, Brainstorms, Books Or Businesses?

 I’ve been thinking about having another baby for four years now. Because I was the ripe old age of 36 when my daughter Siena was born, we started talking about it right away. In fact, my husband and I were so certain we were meant to have at least one more baby that I took my IUD out when Siena was eight months old and we were all ready to go at it again....more

Sales: Planning Your Success

Sales arguably are the most important function of any business, but despite years of research it continues to remain an enigma. There is no denying the fact that no one knows a foolproof formula that can make a sales team deliver 10/10 results. However, this doesn’t mean that a sales plan’s success is based on pure chance. A successful sales person in fact tries his best to leave very little to chance by making sure that they bring down the probability of failure to a minimum....more

Women attending College!

All of us know since the Economy is in a bummer, headed back to college is a great alternative to help your future. Before the economy was in a slump, I was working for a Childcare Center and thought I saw myself there for years before I would ever head to college....more

Thought About Going Into Business?

There are those who are just born to be in business for themselves. And out of those, some are easily able to jump right into being entrepreneurs. Then there are those who struggle since they are not even sure of what to do first or when or can’t even come up with an idea for business....more

Married Couples are Business Partners

 More women are remarrying these days. Not all of them understand that they will make the same money mistakes they made in previous marriages unless they learn some of the basic business rules about marriage and money.You may not like thinking about your marriage this way, but if you live in a community property state*, your spouse, by definition, is also your business partner. The business you are building together is called marriage....more