Fashion Sense You Can Bank On

Seems America had lost its fashion sense entirely when the rising popularity of the basic footless tight, began clogging newsfeeds on social media as the dreaded nude legging. You know exactly what I am referring to.  Bosses everywhere cringe at the thought of pantylines, cellulite, inappropriate hem lines on shirts that should be longer being a new purpose of HR.  Are you shaking your head knowingly!?!  Public enemy number 1:  THE NUDE LEGGING has evolved into Number 1 Have to Have item of 2014 and isn't going anywhere in 2015....more

I Don't Work for Free

"My worth is priceless, hence why I don't work for free."- Andrea C. ImafidonIf you are a hard working entrepreneur like myself, you understand the sacrifices we make in order to to build our dreams rather than building someone else's dreams. However, if you are a client, you may not see the blood, sweat and tears that entrepreneurs go through especially during the start up era. Entrepreneurs are risking a lot by working day in and day out, foregoing events and sleep to provide an amazing service or product for the customers. ...more

5 Things To Know About Starting Your Own Business

5 Things to Know About Starting Your Own Business When I was first starting out in my business, my day look...more