True Confessions of an Extreme Outsourcer

This morning while walking my dog, making coffee and heading to my front porch to write, I also finished these tasks: invoiced two clients for consulting work, compiled web research onto an Excel pivot table, entered a stack of random travel receipts into a database, shopped for vegetables for a stirfry and folded three loads of laundry. Even though I avoid laundry at all costs and I don't even know how to make a pivot table. ...more

You are kind of blowing my mind right now. I really want to do this . . . but I can never seem ...more

Can You Really Make Money from Your Blog with Affiliate Links?

The making-money-on-the-internet gurus preach that the key to making money from your blog is promote and sell products via affiliate links. Over the past six years, I’ve experimented with affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, LinkShare and ShareASale, and did everything I was supposed to including doing product reviews and running sidebar affiliate ads. With the exception of Amazon Affiliates, where I usually earned $10-50 per month until Amazon dropped all their Colorado affiliates (more on that later) I made nothing. Why was that? ...more
Hi everyone, I am in New Zealand and are looking into affiliates that cater for the countries I ...more

Defining Basic Blogging Terms, Part 3

Thank you for sticking with me as I've defined basic blogging terms over the last three weeks. This is the last week for the blogging glossary; next week I'll be defining and discussing social media terms....more

It's always frustrating when things don't work out--especially when you've hired someone to do a ...more

I'm Not a "Fan," I Just "Like" You: Facebook Makes It Easier to Commit

Facebook is changing how users can interact with brands. No longer will someone have to go steady with companies or products by becoming a "fan" but can instead date casually by merely "liking" them first. ...more

Thanks for adding your smart perspective, Susan. And I agree, the suggested new language is ...more

Mostly Unpaid Labor: The Economics of Blogging

I think that it is time that we have an honest conversation about the world of blogging. It seems every few months, a blog run by a woman erupts in some form of controversy due to advertising or remuneration. Most reasonable people are aware that bloggers aren’t living at home, typing away in their mother's basement, but the mendacious myth that we are all financially well-off seems to just want to stick around. ...more

We pay for so many things we didn't ask for and prefer not to pay for: various insurances I ...more

Defining Basic Blogging Terms, Part 2

This week I'm continuing to define basic blogging terms. My goal is to compile a glossary of key terms that will help new bloggers navigate their way through the blogosphere. Every time I think I've defined all the basic terms, I come up with a few more that have stumped my readers in the past. You can look forward to one more week of blogging terms, then we'll start tackling social media and Twitter terms. ...more

Yep, you can go back and add or delete a tag at will. It won't re-publish the article, therefore ...more

Resources to Help You with a Facebook Fan Page

Are you thinking that your organization or business needs a Facebook Fan Page? Perhaps you're not quite clear about what to do and how to do it. The resources listed here will help you decide if a Facebook Fan Page is for you, and will give you some tips and how-tos. ...more
My FB fan page is Karen Klasi Writes. Man, do I need the help of this article! Thank you.more

Strip Blogging: How Naked Do You Get?

I'm not talking about what bloggers are wearing when they sit down at their computers or blogging about states of undress, but rather a blogger's willingness to peel back their onion and reveal layers of their lives. We've been talking about naked blogging at BlogHer since the very first conference yet I remain fascinated. Recently I wrote about hitting bottom and I admired how many bloggers were willing to share their stories. And I wondered, how do bloggers decide how naked they are willing to get? ...more

Sigh, my previous brilliant comment was eaten. So I'll just say congratulations on finding your ...more

Can You Change Your Blog Name and Keep Your Readers?

Blogging is a fun hobby. It's a way to get your voice out into the world and meet people with similar interests. As with anything, though, the more you do it, the more you see where your interests lie. You may start out blogging your pregnancy and family life or you may blog your political ideals. Then, after a few months or even a year, you see that you tend to be writing about certain topics more than others -- you've found your niche. And wouldn't you know it? Your niche and passion just don't fit your blog's name any more. Hey, it happens. One of my blogs went through three name changes before I finally settled on its final name. The question is: how can you change the name of your blog without confusing your readers? ...more

I have thought often of maybe changing my blog name, but never do it. Over time it grew on ...more