Will The Real Happypreneur Please Stand Up?

 Back in the day, I remember a TV show called “What’s My Line?”  It started out in black and white, then went to color and now there is a remake of it with Drew Whatshisname.  (Yeah wise a$, I know that dates me – I was a little bitty kid, OK!!) Anyway, if you’ve stopped snickering about my age, (it’s a decade before Medicare kicks in, but I did just order my first meal off the senior menu at Denny’s. Ha! Bet you’re still paying full price! Who’s snickering now??)...more

Building Your Community at Your Business Blog

Social media has quickly become the standard for helping small and WAHM businesses market themselves.  One can build communities and talk about their products all for free.But free is not always the best choice.  These free social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter can become unpopular with the masses.  They could close business.  Or they could close your account.  What would happen to that community you built up there?...more

Blog Posts – Does How And When You Post Matter?

 When writing your blog posts, do you only write when you have something to say or do you write blog posts ahead and schedule them to go out at a later time?Let’s look at the difference…...more

The Business of Blogging: Why Do You Blog?

We now know and are very sure that combining in person relationship building with web, online and social media relationship building is the best way to secure your reputation, authority and reach. Blending the two worlds we now live, work and play in is not only essential but just plain smart. ...more
 @Deborah Shane Thanks all, for the suggestions! We'll be adding some more info about our ...more

Top Myths About Business Blogging

Recently I happened to attend another "expert" presentation on business blogging. I find when I attend these that I need to sit on my hands and keep my mouth shut. Taping my mouth shut might be better. Why? ...more