Must Read Books When Starting a Business (Or Thinking About It)

I often get recommend a few books to someone who is just starting out in their business or is sitting in the office at working seriously thinking about going out on their own. While I have read all of these myself some I wish I would have read earlier in my journey. Many are worth revisiting at various points during your journey as a business owner. Now What?® 90 Days to a New Life Direction by Laura Berman Fortgang ...more
Great article and recommendations. I would love to add Peter Church's book The Added Value - the ...more

Email Marketing An Hour A Day Is A Serious Reference Book

I  had intended to  show you the email inviting me to review the Jeanniey Mullen and David Daniels book,"Email Marketing An Hour A Day," but I had an email malfunction this week and the email is no longer in my email box. Sometime around Wednesday or Thursday I lost the ability to delete emails which would make you think I would have that email.... ...more