Business cards madness - 5 great examples from Portland

I went to a speed networking meeting on March 8th with Portland bloggers, I had the chance to meet awesome and inspiring bloggers and I received a lot of business cards. Of course such as any professional, when you receive something related to your field, your brain can only do one thing… Analyze it! ...more

Everything You Need to Know about Business Cards for BlogHer ‘13

The conference is near, and now is the time to think about those business cards!...more
I'm about to order my cards later today (my 10 free Moos look great, though shinier than I had ...more


First time at BlogHer. So many new things in store. Whom to meet. Where to meet. What to wear. When to get there and why go at all? For the friendships? For the parties? For the classes? Or for the swag? So many decisions, so little time....more  @KarenLynnn I feel honored to have received the first sunbonnet swag bag ...more

Business Card Psychology 101

Happy Holidays: It’s Follow Up Season!

Ah, the holidays: the perfect time for food, fun – and networking!  No doubt you have a few networking events on your calendar during this busy holiday season.  The great part about networking in the month of December: it means the New Year is fast approaching – and that means it’s time for (that’s right), New Year’s Resolutions.  New Year’s Resolutions are great for business: come January, all of those creative business owners out there are refreshed and ready to connect with you to bring new ideas to life.  So don’t miss out! ...more

My BlogHer '10 Business Cards, and What You Should Think About When Designing Yours

[Editor's Note: While this post references BlogHer '10, the advice about creating effective business cards is still top notch. I thought for those of you preparing for BlogHer '11 this post could serve as a great support to your experience. Thus, no worries - it is STILL 2011 and BlogHer '11 is in San Diego regardless of what references are made within the post. Enjoy! -PaulaG] ...more
I live in beautiful Palm Beach County, Florida.  I am a Training Instructor in Employee ...more

DIY : What to do with all those Business Cards you got at BlogHer 2010?

If you are like me, you probably came out of BlogHer with a giant pile of business cards, and now you are thinking to yourself as you go through them… where do I put them now?  What can I do with them?  How can I organize them? And I totally have an answer for that!  I am not creative by any means, but I felt like a rocket scientist when I came up with this idea. I am sure it has been done a million times before, but I thought I would share what I did. And also make my first Do It Yourself post. What will you need?...more

Well done!

Skye Kilaen

Flooded Lizard ...more

Lonely in a Crowd: 10 Tips for Making New Friends at a Conference

If you feel the slightest bit shy or uncomfortable in large groups, the anticipation of attending a conference with hundreds of strangers can be absolutely daunting. Take it from me. You think about where you’ll sit, whether you’ll have anyone to talk to, and whether you’ll be eating lunch at a table for one....more

Your Business Cards – Top 10 Blunders

BlogHer09 Virgin: Better Than Swag, Business Cards

Some people at the BlogHer09 conference went mad for the swag. BlogHer Conference virgin that I was, I missed prime swag opportunities, I've been told. But seriously, I have pack rat issues already. Me and swag would have been a dangerous thing. Business cards, however--that's a different story. At the other end of a BlogHer business card is rarely a major corporation trying to sell you a tangible product. It's a woman saying "This is who I am" or at least how I want you to see me at this moment in my life. ...more

I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you. :-) Next year, New York!