Take Back Your Power – Watch Your Language (Part II)

This is the fourth post in the Take Back Your Power series of posts....more

Speak Truth High Risk/Reward - (Survey Results)

The boss says s/he wants to know what’s on your mind, but do they really? Really?High Risk...more

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If your organization wants to better understand employee issues, areas of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction, attitudes and concerns which might be impacting productivity, morale and turnover, then you want to either conduct an employee survey or employee focus groups or both.  Is there low morale in a certain department or function? Is there a lack of productivity? Are there more absences or complaints to human resources?...more

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The Pizza War   ...more

Powerful Questions To Help You Identify Who Your Client is

Being an entrepreneur, sometimes can be a lonely place, I admit.  Some days I look around, and there is no one to share my wild ideas or typical frustrations with, those are the days you probably want to stay in bed and not do anything! ...more

Curiosity for Career Success

How curious are you when it comes to your professional life (or life in general for that matter)? Did you know that curiosity can not only increase your chances for success but also bring a host more meaning to your days even if you work at the most mundane tasks? ...more

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Being a Perfectionist Got You Stuck?

Are you a perfectionist? Are you slaving away trying to get things just perfect before you move ahead? Well if you're planning to create a plan so you can plan or are tweaking till all hours, your perfectionism could be costing you. ...more

Yes, perfection has always been a goal of mine, but unlike Amber, I start tons of stuff! Of ...more