Should You Say Yes to All Business Opportunities?

"Any business is better than no business." This is simply not true. Some business is not worth your time or energy. Some business will actually be detrimental to your business as a whole. So, how do you choose wisely? How do you know who are your ideal peeps? Darlynn from Little Blog Dress gives us some insights in this post. ...more
Ever since I held a crayon in my hand, my Mother said she "noticed something about me". Ever kid ...more

Staying Grounded in the Face of Big Clients or Big Money

Do you feel intimidated in the face of powerful clients or big money? Have you ever changed your policies or compromised your mode of operation to accommodate a client or employer because they were affluent or yielded power? If you have, you've sold yourself short because of a hidden (or sometimes not so hidden) intimidation factor that happens when you stand in the face of a seemingly powerful force. ...more

As I learned from my parents -- we all put our pants on one leg at a time.  So early on ...more

Are You Choosing Fear or Faith?

This question, if applied every day will radically shift your life and your results. While at first glance it might seem a little "fluffy" for the business realm, if you've been buying into the recession, waiting for someone to save you, or letting the job climate hold you hostage, it's time to put this question into your decision matrix arsenal. ...more

We don't know we have it in us until we're willing to or are forced to tap into that ...more


I've started reading more about the Kindle.  I'm trying to learn more about the economic place for it, the business model versus books, and why I feel so perturbed by the thing's very existence.  I could use other eyes and voices to help me hash out my thoughts.   - E ...more

I've always been a die hard book freak, hesitant to give up the whispering page turns and the ...more