Career Networking Etiquette in the Facebook Age

You've probably seen headlines like these: Twitter Gets You Fired in 140 Characters or Less Facebook Photo Convicts School=Aide of Drinking Charge Pennsylvania English Teacher Fired Over Blog Post More and more, people are going online to connect for work, and that goes for people undertaking a new career. ...more
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A Simple Case of Kindness

I had to head out for a meeting this morning and needed to make a right turn on a busy street - but I needed to go to the middle lane. This is where all the other cars were going into as well. I could easily get into the turn lane but that would mean I would then need to do a few extra turns to get back to where I was trying to go....more
It's always nice when someone goes out of their way to do a simple act of kindness :)more

Where is the "human" in human resources?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could return some humanity to human resources?  Some common courtesy and respect for one's fellow man and woman? ...more