When Do you Create a Board of Advisors

There comes a time when assembling a group of experts to help grow your business is considered smart leadership and a business best practice. When you reach a stage in your business where you have exhausted the collective internal experience, knowledge and skill to achieve your next phase of growth — create a Board of Advisors....more

Is "Weeding" the Best Growth Strategy for Your Business?

When you are trying to find the fuel to move forward in your business, where do you start? Does it always make sense to start by cutting things out? Like weeding in a garden, this can be a powerful strategy. Yet, is it always the best way to nix self-limiting choices? Besty Buckley of What Matters shares this advice. ...more

Business Growth for Women Entrepreneurs: What’s holding you back?

Have you ever found yourself struggling to grow your business and reach the goals you’ve set? You’ve tried everything you can think of including business networking, social networking, creating relationships, attending talks and seminars to name a few – yet, no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to reach your goals? It can become very frustrating – can’t it?...more

The “Work On Spec” Debate and the Value of Good Design

Who doesn’t like a little bit of competition? As kids there were contests all of the time for art, science and spelling.  People won trophies, ribbons and some just had the honor of trying.  Competition continues into adulthood.  Companies request artists to do spec work or ask a group of artists to compete to win the honor of designing a logo, brand or some other piece of marketing.  If you “win” you get all the glory that goes along with it. Sometimes you even get a stipend for your trouble.  And if you lose, you know you tried....more

Entrepreneurial Risk – How To Manage the Unknown

People usually think of entrepreneurs as risk takers – bold people who have it all figured out with a head for business and a great plan of action.  Someone recently said to me entrepreneurs are not risk-takers because they don’t see what they are doing as risky. This really resonated with me, because I am an entrepreneur, yet from making the first decision to start a business and then all the subsequent decisions that followed, it never seemed like a risk to me.  It just felt like it would work....more

Should you or shouldn’t you? What to consider before starting your business

Three main aspects to consider when starting a business are your personal level of commitment (starting a business is hard work), your business plan (do you have a viable idea that is positioned for success?) and the legal issues (starting it right leads to fewer problems down the road).  ...more

Is This a Growth Opportunity for Your Business?

BrainStorm: Designing a Super-Custom Experience I wish the books would flash— Flash the ones that I want.” —Overheard at the library, elderly lady* to her daughter There’s opportunity here, in the Experience this woman was seeking today. Online, amazon can do this for you and so can many others: customize your Experience based on your previous habits. (Ooh, I adore that feature.) ...more