Geeky Girls Kick Butt...And Have Babies, Too.

See? I told you to wish Marissa Mayer good luck in her new position as CEO of Yahoo! She’s one of the smartest women in America, so she certainly knew there’d be a media storm around the two-step announcement. News 1: I have the job. News 2: I’m pregnant....more

7/2/12 Magnificent Monday - Motivation and Where to Find It

Magnificent Monday- sometimes you have to motivate yourself to put on your big girl panties and get done what needs doing....more

The Loudest Duck

Have you ever wondered why: • So few women run companies around the world• Even fewer American companies are run by Japanese men• There are more tall male leaders than short male leaders• Pakistani leadership is filled with cricket fans but not racquetball players Chances are it has nothing to do with outright bias or intentional discrimination. So what happens? ...more