Know Your Worth

When people believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success. ~Norman Vincent PealeYou should never underestimate the power of your mind, your talent or your ability to share your worth with people around the world. That is what I try to tell myself all the time. When I am alone, I feel like I can move mountains, but when I am around people, I feel like a fish in a sea of sharks!...more

How to Have a Stress-Free Morning

Mornings gone wrong can look like this: a closet full of clothes spewed out over the bedroom floor, Cheerios without milk to save on time, screaming kids running out the door to catch the bus that’s already at the stop, and an understanding that, “ya know, today I’ll just pick up some fast food for lunch.”Don’t get caught up in the rushed blur that is week day mornings. If you have a hectic time running out the door, you’re more likely to feel restless and unsettled for the rest of the day at the office. Instead, follow these three tips to have a smooth, stress-free morning:...more

How to Develop a Mindset of Mastery

Everywhere you turn there is a quick-fix for this, shortcut for that, or wild promise about building your six figure business by the time commercial break ends on your favorite show. Hype and instant satisfaction follow us everywhere. Yet there is something to be said for the idea of mastering something - your craft, running your business, or service. There is no shortcut to expertise much like there is no shortcut for fine, aged wine. It takes time and attention to the fundamentals coupled with a lot of patience and trust. This post from bestselling author Pamela Slim breaks down 10 ways to create your own mastery mindset. ...more

Success: It's Not About the Destination

We've all read the quote about how it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Success is in the process, the road that leads to where we're going. Most of us nod our heads, agree, and then go about marching headstrong toward the destination without noticing much along the way. That's why I truly love this post from Denise Wakeman about success being a journey. Not only did she live this truth on a personal and visceral level, she is now bringing that same energy to her work. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak about her epic journey in person as part of a live conference a few weeks ago and truly wanted to share it with this community. ...more

5 Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Learn New Business Skills

Keeping your skills sharp is crucial for anyone who runs a business. Without the perk of company sponsored training, you have to do-it-yourself. Even if you attend formal conferences or hire mentors, there is still always more to learn. I believe in spending some time learning something new each and every day. You don't have to spend hours at a time. Simply 15-30 minutes a day will reap huge rewards. ...more

How I Learned To Run A Business

I think there are really only two ways to learn how to do anything: by observing and by doing, and you need to do both to do something well....more

Be My Valentine: Are You in Love With Your Business?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers. It's a fine time to celebrate YOU and to celebrate your business. If you're an entrepreneur, are you still in love with your business? Or, have you fallen out of love just a bit? ...more
Yes, I am in love with my business. It is a constant challenge, I think that is the main love. ...more

Letting Go of Old School Business

We are working in an agile, lean, bootstrapping world.  We are delivering big data globally, in nanoseconds.  We manage and run businesses 24/7 with on demand expectations from customers, employees and vendors. Are you operating your business in modern times or like it is the 70′s, 80′s, 90′s or even the last decade? Your established ways of doing business may be holding you back. You may be out of touch with what can move your business forward now. It is time to let the “old school” business practices go and embrace progress. ...more

Manage Your Influencers for Optimal Results

Key influencers play a critical role in every business. Decision makers are guarded and guided by inside and outside advisors and gatekeepers. How you manage your trusted advisors can help or harm your business....more

Ready to Hand Over the Keys to Your Business?

Business owners can easily be consumed by the short term activities of day-to-day operations.  Sole focus on immediate outcomes exposes any business to long-term financial risks....more