"If the Relationship Doesn't Serve You... Let it go!"

 Tracy D. Holloman, MA, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP...more

10 Ways to Express Your Gratitude to Clients and Colleagues

Gratitude is a worthwhile daily practice.  The words “thank you” are so simple to say and can have such a huge impact on others.  There is no better time than now to tell people you’re grateful for that they matter to you and have made a difference.  With Thanksgiving and the holiday season on the way, opportunities abound to express your sentiments of gratitude. First, make a list of all the people you are most grateful for. These are all the people you are glad to have in your life.  ...more
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The Domino Effect

A recent advertisement for car insurance outlined what I think of as “the Domino Effect.” The person in the car crash needed to borrow a car, which meant the person who loaned it didn’t have their car and had to borrow one from someone else. That person had to cancel an appointment, which meant that the person having the appointment with them was inconvenienced, and so on. In life, our actions affect others’ lives....more

Don’t Be Tripped Up by “What’s Next?”

Most of us have an inner voice that’s always asking, “What next?” It seems that it’s never satisfied and is always pushing us forward. We can feel pressured by this voice to always do more.This human condition causes us to move out of present time and into the presumed future. In other words, we get ahead of ourselves, trying to see what we need to do next. When we have a dream, we may have a feeling that we have to create something BIG RIGHT NOW....more

Are some people evil?

A client asked a question lately that is very relevant to most of us:I was wondering if people know when they are hurting others or manipulating them? I notice that some people feel justified and right about manipulating and taking advantage of others. Are they aware of what they are doing? Are people like that – or do they have no idea that they are doing crazy stuff?...more

What is Your Follow Up Strategy?

So, you've gone to a networking event, perhaps just gotten home from BlogHer '09, and now you have a pile of business cards and new contacts. What do you do next? It can sometimes be a little overwhelming but follow up is a critical element in making the most of new connections you make. ...more

I agree - and that's why I focus on Facebook, which is a lot more appropriate - in fact it's ...more