We support women in business...

Founded as a women owned business and social networking organization by Lisa Montalva, the Women Owned Business Club (WOBC) was created due to the need of cost effective advertising and promotional services. The Women Owned Business Club has evolved into an online social media platform designed for women owned businesses and women in business....more

Empowering Myself as a Woman Entrepreneur…

I remember vividly as a child listening to my grandfather say, “Anne, strive to be unemployable!”  My grandfather’s definition of a successful entrepreneur was someone who owns and operates a personal business.  He wanted me to be my own Boss Lady....more

Starting Your Own Business

It has never been more exciting to me a woman entrepreneur.  When I started my first business over 27 years ago the internet was not widely available. Information didn't flow freely as it does today.The interesting thing is that even with the ability to seek out this information many don't know exactly how to use this wonderful tool so that it benefits it them fully.   Did you know that women have been starting businesses at a higher rate then men for over 20 years!  That's girl power if you ask me....more

How to Get In Front of Potential Clients When You Work From Home

Working from home can be a challenge when it comes to finding new clients. You may feel isolated from the workforce or miss the exchanges of information being in an office environment can provide. But working from home doesn't have to hurt your chances of finding new clients and growing your business. In fact, you can get clients anywhere in the world by mixing up your approach and being intentional about letting others know about your work.Here are five ways to get in front of potential clients when you work from home:...more

Flying as a Solopreneur

Your mind is a beautiful thing, so don’t waste it.  Put it to use as a business.  All of your collective experience gained through enterprise successes and failures can be commercialized into a service business, if you are willing to fly solo....more

Jessica Moore is Changing How We Organize Our Closets

If you’re like me, you’re in the process of packing up your winter coats (Thank Goddess!) and moving in your spring and summer clothing. If you’re like me, you’re on the prowl for help organizing your closet. Enter Jessica Moore and the Stylebook App. ...more

How the Founders of Gilt Are Changing How We Shop Online

Dream of starting a uber-successful business with your BFF? Well, that's exactly what best friends Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, did when they founded Gilt, the site that launched the online sample sale industry. ...more

Hoping for a soaring weekend "Its Eagle Days'

Ok this week isn’t much better; the weather stinks outside, its cold and who want to get out going eat.  Went In Monday got the hot beef plate special ready for lunch and just as things started to get rolling the plumbing backed up and I had to shut down get someone in there to help get the mess cleaned up and the landlord had to get someone into work on the plumbing in the whole building, Still not sure what caused it but it cost me the whole day of income....more

Important Traits for a Successful Entrepreneur

In my view, to be successful, an entrepreneur needs fearlessness, passion, insight and organization....more

Social Media, Gender, and Revolution

It's been amazing to see how the aftermath of what is called the Arab Spring has allowed gender norms of Egyptian women to start shifting. At least, that is how it’s portrayed in the Western media....more
There's a link in the post to Mona Eltahawy. Watch it becasue she is a true revolutionary...a ...more