Playing Out Customer Service Woes via Social Media

I'll admit that I thought it.  We were dealing for the ninetieth time with the department store where we purchased our ant-infested dishwasher.  They were refusing to give us a new non-ant-infested dishwasher and said unfortunately they couldn't do anything for us because there were no parts to fix.  It was on the tip of my tongue as the man told us that the warranty didn't cover things such as the dishwasher becoming infested with ants while at the warehouse: I am so going to blog this and name your big store and ask everyone to spread word across social media that your popular department store sells nasty dishwashers. Ooooh, I so wanted the Internet to rise up against them. ...more
I love this post, Melissa. I think we need to use SM to make complaints carefully. I do think ...more

Voices of a Small Town

I gave myself a challenge several days ago. I was out and about in my community during the last few days and started asking questions. I spoke with a woman on main street and asked her what our community could do to improve. After she stopped looking at me like I had two heads her reply was simple. Better and more businesses. You see most of our main street does have businesses, but some of the older buildings are falling apart. So for some of those businesses it is a constant struggle to stay in business. ...more

The Dreaded Email Dilemma

Okay, so we're all here in the blogosphere, trying to become "somebody" and promote our businesses.Make a connection and increase the odds of our brand awareness!...more

Try, Can’t, But… Is that what you meant to say?

Try, Can’t, But… Is that what you meant to say?Whether playing golf, working on building your business, or interacting with friends… what you say, and how you say it matters!I’ve been coaching, mentoring and participating in mastermind & goal setting groups for over a decade.I hear the following words all the time… and I usually call people on it. There is no worse self-sabotage than using language that sets you up to fail.Get these words out of your language. Remove them from your vocabulary!“But”…...more

Small Business Tip: Scammers Masquerading as FBI Agents May Be Lurking in Your Email

There is an e-mail scam you may want to alert your small business staff to watch out for.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into an online scam targeting businesses and individuals alike. The scammers are using a series of official looking e-mails requesting financial and bank information as part of an FBI investigation. The sender is masquerading as a FBI investigator trying to obtain bank records from the recipients, and threatens legal action if the request isn't answered. ...more

Harnessing the Wind is Creating Jobs

The U.S. House of Representatives is going to vote on the new economic stimulus package soon, probably later this week.   ...more

Which of Your Favorite Businesses Will Disappear in 2009?

My favorite shoe store in New York City closed --just one of the estimated 73,000 stores that some say will bite the dust because of this thing we call the economy. As far as shoe shopping goes,I am not the target audience for the Zappos $50,000 T-shirt campaign that Erin Kotecki Vest shares in her post Zappo: Sexist Marketing Ploy or Brilliant Viral Humor? ...more

I don't mind so much about the big chain stores, but losing ...more


Do you have any horrible encounters with customer service?  I have. I listed the top 10 worst customer service in America HERE   ...more

The Bratz-Barbie Doll Fight. Who Really is The Winner?

When is $100 million dollars chump change? When the plaintiffs in a lawsuit were hoping to be awarded $2 billion dollars in damages. Things have not been going well for our girl Barbie. Ever since the Bratz came to town sales have been plummeting.   ...more