Joanne Wilson Is Changing the Angel Investing World

Joanne Wilson wears many hats: mentor, mother, world traveler, blogger (Gotham Gal) and wife (to fellow venture capitalist Fred Wilson). But it’s her role as a leading early stage/seed stage investor in women lead companies that’s changing the Internet (a sample listing of the companies Joanne has invested in: Food52, Catchafire, Dailyworth, Talk Market, Little Borrowed Dress, Kitchsurfing,, Red Stamp, Curbed [Eater/Racked]). ...more
@thegothamgal Joanne Wilson is a role model of mine -- from her comments about her family to ...more

Livin' on the edge after 50

All my life I have had ideas, dreams, aspirations....things that I wanted to accomplish but never did because life happened.  At 50 I now choose to toss caution to the wind... live on the edge... bite off more than I can chew... and begin doing some of my dreams.  Now, I am not talking about climbing Mount Everest here ladies! I am not even talking about going bungee jumping or parachuting!...more

A Business Woman's Guide To Reinvention

Does your business need a fresh look, an overhaul or an exciting twist?  Here are 4 strategies to implement to help reinvent you and your business!...more

What I Don't Know Can't Hurt Me

As far as I know, I’ve only come close to being pelted with rotten tomatoes once in my professional life. Many years ago, a colleague asked me to take her place as a speaker, to talk marketing with a group of directors of various arts organizations-dance companies, galleries, theater groups and the like. ...more

Keeping A Small Business Afloat--Jenn and Nicole/Week #2

Progress Report(If you don’t know their story, read about them in last week’s post.) Jenn and Nicole have made great progress in clarifying their first quarter tasks.   Here are their action items: ...more

How A Real Woman Starts A Real Small Business: Lauren and a Sewing Lounge

I want to offer you an opportunity to be a fly on the wall and get an up-close and personal look at how one real woman goes about starting a real business.  This is the first in a continuing series about Lauren. Lauren's Vision ...more

Desiree,  not only were you able to fulfill your fashion designer dreams and be there for ...more

Five Tips for Successfully Turning Your Passion into a Business

Passion is often an important element in steering women toward opening their own enterprises.  A woman who loves making jewelry, dreams about taking it from a hobby to a business; a brilliant cook wants to open a catering firm.  While zeal is a terrific indicator of what we will do well, as solopreneurs and small business owners, it is easy to let our enthusiasm focus us in the wrong direction—toward what we want to give rather than what the market wants and needs to get.  So how can we turn our passions into businesses that succeed? ...more

Self-Employed Moms and the Flip Side of Flexibility

Dee was "boasting" to a group of friends about how, in the past year, she had only forgotten to pick up one of her children from school one time-a nearly perfect record!  Her peers laughed nervously and shook their heads in understanding.  Dee is the mother of 4 young kids (who attend 3 different schools, by the way) as well as a full-time realtor.  Like the women she was talking to, Dee has opted to be her own boss in order to be available to take her children to school, pick them up, attend their ballet recitals and soccer games, supervise playdates, etc. ...more

Three Things Small Business Owners Should NOT Do When The Economy Tanks

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably biting your nails and taking to your bed and pulling the covers up over your head.  Now that the economy is officially in crisis, a lot of people are telling you what to do.  In the midst of all that advice, allow me to suggest three actions to avoid:Don’t cut expenses at the cost of product quality, customer service or marketing ...more

Women, Business Risk and the Paralyzing Fear of "No"

In business, as in other of life’s arenas, women tend to be more risk-averse than men.  I think we come by this trait honestly.  When you’re responsible for carrying, delivering and nurturing the future of your species, you need to be a little cautious, right? ...more