4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy During the Summer

The late spring is something school children of any age anticipate. In any case, as a parent, it can be somewhat of a tight spot. You need your kids to have a break and have some fun, yet then you are confronted with the quandary of keeping them occupied and out of inconvenience throughout the entire summer. Below are things you can do to keep kids occupied in the late spring:Assign them Duties...more

A Week in the Life of a Blogger

I've been blogging for over 6 years now, 3 1/2 years as a healthy living blogger with Food and Fitness 4 Real and 3 years before that as a mommy/family blogger. Over that time my blogging style, level of commitment, frequency of posting and voice has changed quite a bit. But one thing has remained the same - blogging keeps me busy!...more
First of all, I must tell you and I loved your blog post!!! Just Excellent! Reading it, reminded ...more

Be Busy or Else! Mastering a 21st Century Malady

 It’s 3.23pm and I’m still in my pj’s. Another day wasted....more

Just a quick one...

Today? Was spent shopping, running errands, shopping, having tea at the home of a friend, shopping some more, getting rained on... get the idea?! With the exception of the tea interlude, which was lovely, it has NOT been the most relaxing day I can remember. I'm rather weary, and I still have a tremendous amount of things I need to accomplish before the end of the day. So not much of a post from me today, I'm afraid! ...more

Opportunity or Distraction? 3 Questions to Decide

When it comes to creative opportunities, I rarely say no. It’s in my nature–I just don’t like to miss out. On anything. And a childhood full of extracurriculars accustomed me to being busy. And besides, throwing in something new and different every once in a while can shake you free from routine and help your brain think in new ways.On the other hand, being too carefree with what you commit to can distract you from the creative projects you truly care about. Let’s face it … there’s a good way to be busy and a bad way to be busy....more

When Being Busy is Good

More often than not we can be found running around and rushing from one task to another.  When people try to stop us we announce quickly we're busy and dash on.  Minimalism is designed to conquer this - dashing from one task to another can render us disconnected from the world around us and so to engage with it more we must slow down, switch off and begin to live.  To shun being busy we must look at our schedule and search for blocks of time which we can cancel unimportant commitments in exchange for time with ourselves....more

In Defense of Free Time

Recently, while blog jumping, I read a post from a woman talking about how busy she was.  Normally, I would have just skipped over that one, but I was caught by her tone.  It was what I would call "complainabragging."  She was using the guise of complaining about how very busy and crazy her life is to also brag about how very busy and crazy her life is.  I'm not posting this to complain about her, however....more


Now that I'm attending college full time, I find myself neglecting things I would never have dreamed I would.  Busy seems to be my new buzzword and I'm not so certain that's a good thing all the time.I've always tried to be prompt and diligent in replying to friends' posts, emails, texts, and phone calls.  Not so much lately!  Allow me to explain......more

Stressed and Busy: Is It Your Badge of Importance?

Do you wear your stress as a badge of honor? Prefacing everything with "I know you're busy...but...?" What about random judgments about how much or little other people must be stressed? Guilty of jumping to conclusions? This article takes a thoughtful look at being busy and being stressed. ...more

December Update

I have been a bit of a blog neglector lately. I feel bad for that - but with Christmas coming up, life has been so busy. I was sick for over a week and then it's been pretty manic. Christmas balls, friend's gigs, shopping, lots of work.And then there is a constant build up of sadness as the holidays get closer. A huge mixture of excitement for a holiday I love so much, and dread that it should be our first with our own little one at home. I will write more on that later....more