Useless Busyness

Coren Larsen...more


On a previous blog post I wrote about my lengthy and complicated daily to-do list, and the funny feedback I got made me want to talk to other women about their crazy lists.  I decided to launch a series called “What’s On Your List?”, wherein I chat with other busy women about their lists.  Today’s guest is Susan Konig, friend and author of “Teenagers and Toddlers Are Trying to Kill Me!” ...more

One Month Flew By – Time Does Fly

How to fit fitness into your busy day!

I know it can be tough to do everything we want to do in a day. I swear, my to-do list just gets longer and longer lately. So much to do and so little time! Such is life….I thought I would take a typical day of mine, one where I do not already have a workout scheduled, and outline how one may fit exercise into their busy schedule. Morning...more

Friends Don't Let Friends Volunteer...

As I read Facebook and blogs, I see an almost competitive pride in being super-busy. We list the items we have to get accomplished by the end of the day and compare our stress levels with one another. "To Do" lists and clever planners can be as pretty and decorative as you want, but if your day is jam-packed with activity, it may be time to re-evaluate. READ MORE.......more

Oh Christmas Tree (sigh)

Anne KimballLife on the Funny Farm Wanna see what a Christmas tree looks like in a busy family of eight?*************Wait for it....************...more

This Better Be a Real Emergency, Or So Help Me!

We are in the middle of a very busy season of our lives. Yesterday morning, I was canning before work, making cucumber relish. (I'll share pictures at another time) We are canning or harvesting every weekend. We have animals, and we are preparing fencing and animal shelters to bring in more....more

Racing through life!

I've been thinking a lot recently about the high-charged, fast-paced society we're bringing our kids up in... we run them from one event to another; mother and toddler group, to weigh-in, to NCT group, to postnatal group... and that's just our babies! Feeling overwhelmed by the speed of life? (and worrying if your kids are keeping up!) Read more here... ...more

Nice Relaxing Weekend.

Not. My to-do list for this weekend includes: Painting Julie's room. Installing the headboards we made for three of the kids for Christmas. Figuring out what to do and where to put all the bags and boxes of stuff that the kids cleaned out of their rooms weeks ago. Taking down all the Christmas decorations and storing all that away. Cleaning out the barn. Oh yeah, and let's not forget about all the usual stuff of life including feeding eight people-keeping the house clean-getting after the little buggers to do their chores-laundry-and what-not....more